Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorable Memorial Day

Could we have asked for a more beautiful Memorial weekend in western NY? Today we had a great time at Ontario Beach Park in Rochester. We spent some great time with my mom, my brother, and his family. Watching our 6 kids 2 and under is such a trip! We kept saying that they are like a little toddler gang and that we need to come up with a name for them:) I couldn't help but be blessed by the sunshine today and felt like God is using these sunny days to help me see the hope of brighter days ahead for our family! It was truly awesome to see Brady walking around with the rest of the crew. He chased bubbles, he played parachute, he watched Uncle Andy fly a kite, and he just walked all over that park!!!

I just thought of a name...The 6 Pack Gang. Here they are now...left to right Natalie (sleeping in the back of the stroller)

Tomorrow begins our weekly routine. Brady and I will leave at 8:30am for PT. He is too funny...when I asked him where we were going tomorrow he said, "PT with Linda!" I'm so glad he likes going! I have to admit that I really like my 45 minute ride to and from PT too! All that quiet thinking time, what a luxury!

I wanted to share some exciting news! I'm going to be doing some writing for a few blogs in the next few weeks. Today I have an article featured on my new friend Ginny's site called Make a Difference to One. You can read my article by CLICKING HERE and scrolling down.
In the next few weeks I'll be writing an article about Neuroblastoma and advocating for your child's health. I'll share that link when it is up! It's so cool how God opens new doors.


  1. Hey Meg,

    Nice posts! Ontario Beach Park is a short drive from us. If you ever feel like coming up for a few hours, we could take the kids there. My kids love it--they love the beach. :o)


  2. Megan, you are amazing. I have a strong feeling that your future holds more than teaching.

    The picture is wonderful. I always enjoy looking at the cherubs. "The Six Pack Gang" is a great name for those busy little ones.


  3. The six pack gang sounds cute, and I think a new ministry is being born through your blogging. I continue to lift you all up daily and know that there are great things in store for the Williams family.

  4. I am glad another door is opening for you and I am sure you are destined for BIGGER things. However, I do want you to know that I miss seeing you at school. It just is not the same without you!

  5. Megan, I think your writing is amazing and the articles are a great opportunity. Sometimes when I read something I can't help but think of our freshman english class at Canisius where we officially met writing articles for a fake paper with Devon. I hope that thought makes you giggle a little today.


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