Monday, May 4, 2009

His Shirt Says it All

Despite the red eyes, I love this picture of Brady. And the T shirt truly says it all!!!

I'm still waiting to hear back from Strong regarding scanning dates. I'm growing anxious by the day...I just need to know what's going on in there. I hear every day of other children with NB earning their "angel wings" and my heart continues to break for the many families who no longer have their precious children with them. Please join me in praying for the many sweet boys and girls who are suffering with Neuroblastoma. I consider us to be blessed to be where we are in this fight, even though it is still incredibly difficult.

Thank you to all who continue to support us with cards, phone calls, and prayers!!!
Only two more days to vote for me in the Mother of All Bloggers contest! The site continues to have problems with people getting a message saying they already have voted. If you have a minute, please click on the icon to the right and try to vote!


  1. What a beautiful photo! I could finally vote!!!

  2. LOL, I am sure!!! He is such a doll! I cant imagine how frustrated you must be not knowing what is going on in there. I would be too!! Hugs!!

  3. Yeah I need that shirt too! haha
    And I voted for ya!
    Give Brady hugs for us!

  4. Cute little guy. I'm so glad he's doing well enough to exhaust you both. :o) Good luck as you continue to follow up with the scan results. I'm sure the wait is awful. Praying for great results!! :o)


  5. oh taht shirt is so cute on him not so cute for momma and dadda. I hope you hear some news soon........some fantastic news. I can't even imagine how frustrating the wait must be.

    I continue to pray for you all daily. God will hear all th prayers comong from around the world.

    Keep strong.

  6. I received the "you already voted" message, and think that we are allowed to vote only once. I will keep trying, though.
    Your boy is so cute, and the shirt is marvelous!
    Our prayers continue to be with you, even though I may not say it all the time.
    Anne and Ed

  7. What a handsome little guy!
    Keep the faith!God is watching over sweet Brady.

    ps i am sorry i haven't been around much. the Tuesday Blog party started today, to raise money for neuroblastoma and it's HUGE.

    Please check it out if you can. I pray that the money we raise will make a difference in Brady's world.

  8. Brady looks great!!! I continue to lift you up daily. You are never alone. We serve an awesome God, so when you are weary from this long battle, lean on him, he is there, he will bring you through it.

  9. Love the picture!! Where can I get one?!? Seriously though, I don't know how you do it all!!

    I will continue to pray that you get those results from Strong!! I would be crawling the walls!

    Also, if you haven't checked out Debi's blog party for little Tuesday Whitt ( , you should! I donated to Tuesdays fund in memory of her and in honor of Brady. We CAN win this fight against NB....even if it is only one dollar at a time!

    Praying for you guys!!


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