Sunday, May 31, 2009

5 More Days!

Let the countdown begin! 5 more days until those tubies are gone! I have this sinking feeling that something is going to get in our way of having this surgery. Perhaps the illness that just won't leave us alone? I'm sick again and now Eli spiked a fever again after dinner. He wouldn't eat and just wanted to be in his bed. It is like it has recycled itself and is starting all over again! I'm praying that God will restore health to all of us by the end of the week. I well up with tears just thinking about seeing Brady whole again!!!

This week's Brady plan: We will go to PT on Tuesday and Thursday. Also on Thursday I have to call to see what time to be at the hospital on Friday for surgery. When I made our appointment they thought he would go in later in the morning. Friday night is the Festival of Hope at Batavia Downs. I've been working on my speech that I will give that night. I'm basically just telling Brady's story and trying to use his experience to inspire hope in others (not too hard of a job!) Saturday the 6 of us are going to walk in the Walk 4 Life to raise money for All Babies Cherished. Sunday we have plans to visit some friends of ours. Looking forward to a great week!

Please keep Brady in your prayers this week! We continue to wait for the final histology reports from Sloan, for Dr. L's review of his scans, and of course for the upcoming surgery. Even though things have seemingly calmed down, this fight is far from over. I have to remind myself everday to continue to be a vigiliant prayer warrior on Brady's behalf.


  1. Meg,
    Your prayer warriors are with you to keep you going.
    Prayers for a healthy week.
    Love, Deb R.

  2. Cant wait for this beautiful baby to be whole again!!!

  3. Still praying for Brady and your family.



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