Monday, June 1, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Triplets

Some quotes from my trio lately:

While playing with Allie in the living room this evening, I tickled her and said "Hey there jelly belly!" After playing this game with her a few times, Brady came up behind me with his shirt pulled up and said "Hi pizza belly!"
Our kids have become very into singing the Happy Birthday Song. After putting them down the other night I could hear Eli singing in his crib. I went to the door and listened, this is what I heard: (Sung to the tune of Happy Birthday)
Ah-Pee Bir Day To Yooooo
Ah-Pee Bir Day To Yooooo
Ah-Pee Bir Day to YOU Nuffy (his Snuffleupagus that he sleeps with!)
Ah-Pee Bir Day to Yooooo
I tend to say the same little "pet phrases" to the kids. I say "Hi handsome" to Eli, "Hi princess" to Cara, "Hi cutie" to Brady, and "Hi Allie Ballie" to Allie. Imagine my surprise when Cara came up to me last week and said "Hi princess!"
Every morning Matt gets the kids up before going to work. The first thing he does when he goes in their room is put up the shade. Lately Brady and Cara have been arguing over the weather forcast. It sounds something like this:
Brady: "Sunny day!!!"
Cara: "Cloudy day!"
Brady: "SUNNY day!"
Cara: "NO! CLOUDY day!"
Brady: "SUNNY!"

This is such a fun age! I love hearing all that they say each and every day!

Tomorrow we are not going to PT after all. Our PT had a meeting and wanted us to come later, but we already have another appointment. A reporter from the Daily News is coming to do a story on Brady in an article about the Festival of Hope. I'm praying that the photographer will use a great shot of JUST Brady. I plan on making his as adorable as possible to help my cause, perhaps I'll just stay in my pjs! I'm so proud of my little man!


  1. Cute, cute, cute! Little kids say the best stuff. :o) I especially like Eli's Happy Birthday song! Good luck with the interview!


  2. I enjoy your stories so much! I always say that I am going to write down what Greg's boys say, but haven't done it yet. The comments are so funny!

    We will be looking for the story about Brady, and will save our copy for Melissa.

    Prayers continue to be with you all,

  3. that's soooo cute! and i never will forget when b told me i was "totally hot"...yep, that was a shocker!

  4. Kids are truly funny sometimes, and now you have a beautiful memory to talk about when they are grown. Our prayers continue for you all daily. God is still in control and all will be taken care of.


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