Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Sure if I Should Be, But I'm Worried

You know by now that I'm a worrier. This is something I'm always trying to work on, trying to take things to God first, before I even start to worry. So, here I am, asking you to pray. This is probably nothing, but given the life we've lived in the last 5 months, I'm on red alert I guess. I've noticed for the past few days that Brady's tummy looks really distended. Also on his left side (surgery was on his right side) his rib right above his tummy seems to be sticking out. I've kind of just let myself quietly wonder about it for the past few days, but today at bath time it was just very noticeable. So...what to do.

I'm a wreck inside, this is where just spilling it all to God comes in! I find myself just wandering through the house talking to Him constantly in my head. I'm sure I'm overreacting....

Matt and his mom noticed it too, so Matt and I think we need to get it checked out. I knew the day would come when I would have to call "somebody" about "something" and I wouldn't know who to call. I've decided to put a call into the oncologist at Strong tomorrow and see what she thinks. We haven't talked with her since our post-scan meeting in May, she isn't even aware of our discussion with the NB team at Sloan after our scan. So I guess this is a good opportunity to get her up to speed and see if there is cause for concern.

So friends, please pray for us. I'm sure it's nothing, hopefully just a tummy full of cookies:) Nonetheless, I feel unsettled...

I'll leave you with a smile. Here are my three amigos sitting on the rug, eating snack, and watching our favorite show "Imagination Movers" this morning. I love when they all do the same thing, at the same time:)


  1. i would be thinking the same way....i think having it checked out it totally what you need to do.....and let's pray it's just a tummy full of cookies....
    praying for you all....

  2. Being a mommy, I can 100% understand your worries...but i also understand and know full well that fears and worries and the unknown are what eat at us and make our nerves RAW! How quickly we can panic and lose our focus. Hold him and speak God's promises over him, God gives you the power by His spirit to do so. Thank you God that this fight is over. Thank you that you have plans to prosper my family and not to harm us.

    I know for example when people have surgeries or scoliosis that sometimes their structure changes bc of the changes inside, and absolutely nothing is wrong.

    So we stand beside you and believe and believe it is nothing, however, I feel we always exhaust every efforts medically and trust God to work through that as well.

    What you hear in your heart and feel in your soul is what you must do...and no one needs to tell you otherwise. But i get angry...a righteous anger if you will...that i'll be darned if that cancer touches him again.

    My mom used to have a key chain that said, "I believe it, God said it, now that settles it!" AMEN

    Boosting prayers for you Brady and family, we celebrate your life and what God has done for you and in you.

    Sweet dreams little ones...

  3. Megan

    ALWAYS trust your instinct. My daughter was diagnosed with a disability at 20 months. She is one of two in the world. I had been annoying the Doctors since she was six months old and they told me it was all in my head. It wasn't.

    Mum's instinct is a very powerful tool as you know. You were so right getting Brady's initial scan done on more than his head and you are so right now getting whatever 'it' maybe (hopefully nothing!) check out. Trust your judgement and the worst you can do is see a Doctor for no reason.

    Stay well and happy,

    Michelle (from Brisbane, Australia)

  4. Meg,
    Prayers for peace and comfort as you look into what is going on in Brady's tummy.
    Love, deb r

  5. I will pray and worry with you. You are doing the right thing.

  6. I would be worried, too. Hugs! Let us know what you find out. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  7. Meg, I will be praying with you and for you!!

    I would worry too! Isn't that in our job description as Mommies :)

  8. will be praying for you guys!!!!!!

  9. This waiting is stressful. I feel as if I can jump out of my skin, so can only imagine how you feel. Prayers, prayers....

  10. keep the pressure on


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