Friday, June 26, 2009

Rumble, Rumble!

Weird weather day again today. Started off sunny, then cloudy, then rainy, then thunder, then A LOT of rain, more thunder, then sun, then humidity! My kids and I spent a solid 12 hours together today...YIKES! I don't often have to pull an "overtime shift" as I call it.

We fumbled through the day with some fun, a few tantrums, a handfull of timeouts, a few handfulls of marshmellows, some chalk drawings on the side of the garage, water table play, way too many episodes of Barney, a Santinos pizza (yeah!), and finally daddy home just in time for bed!

The kids are very funny to listen to these days as they try and explain the world. Today as they chattered during the thunderstorm, Eli kept saying, "Rumble, rumble in the sky!" A little later he came into the living room and said,"What's happening on Barney?" As I was changing Cara's diaper today she proudly pointed to it and said,"Oatmeal, peas, and pizza in there!" Those are three things she ate today...ha!

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Happy weekend:)


  1. Toddlers are so funny! It's amazing sometimes the things they "get" that you don't even realize, isn't it? :o) Have a great weekend!


  2. Save your $$$$ for college have a meterologist and a doctor in the making! The other two are still thinking about it. Those comments are so cute! Save them all, and write a book.
    I have a cooler for the lemonade stand.
    Prayers, as always...

  3. The weather there sounds just like the weather here. It was def a laid back stay inside day in my part of town! :)


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