Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Is it too optimistic of me to think we might be out of the woods with this stomach bug? We had one throw up today(Brady right after breakfast again) and no yucky diapers. Everyone ate, played, and slept as usual. We'll see...

It was a fun day of letting the kids play with the garage sale finds I picked up on Saturday morning. The kids just love their "new" tool bench and puzzles. I also picked up footie pjs for Cara for this winter for $1 a piece and a Lands End winter coat for $8! I love bargains:)
Matt and I are really trying to reorganize our home. If you have never been to our house it resembles a very large toy box...think toys and books strewn throughout. Although we pick it up every night, within 30 minutes of morning play we are right back at "toy box" status. We don't buy them a lot at all, but every little treat from grandparents is times three, every gift for birthdays and Christmas is three...that adds up to a lot of stuff. Now you add in the baby and her things, and you have one cluttered place! I got a neat new book rack and a storage unit from Target and we are hoping to get things organized tonight! It's funny how as they grow you need to find room for new things like crayons, markers, and playdoh.
Tomorrow I'm taking Cara for her 3rd appointment with the eye specialist. Just to remind you, she has been tilting her head to the left for over a year now. She does this only when looking at things in the distance, like the tv. She had an appt in October and another in March. The doctor thinks it is 4th nerve palsy, but wanted to keep monitoring to see if it resolved itself. It almost seems as though she may be doing it a little less, but I think we are just getting used to it. I tried to really pay attention to it this weekend, and she did it almost everytime she looked in the distance. Surgery is required to correct it, so we will see if the doctor wants to keep waiting or go ahead with the surgery. Or appointment is at 10:55, then we will go out to lunch together:)
I am expecting to hear from Sloan tomorrow regarding the NMYC results. I was talking the mom of our friend Nathaniel who had a similar surgery at Sloan the week after Brady. They somehow messed up his results as well, and they are trying to sort it out.
Here are some pictures from our day today (These are for you Grandma Tony!)
Loved this view from our patio today...sunny and 75*

We brought our snack onto the patio today! Cara was being a stinker!

The kids are loving our water table this year. What a difference a year makes...last year Brady wasn't walking and really struggled to do these types of things. Not this year! Go Brady!

"Airplane up high Mommy!" said Eli

Dream baby was there too!


  1. Cute stuff! Glad you had a lovely day!!

    I hope the bug is on it's way out for you. Jack had a bad stomach bug for nearly two full weeks, requiring IVs for dehydration and all. Just about the time he finished with it Sophie started. She's on day 5. I'm praying it's over faster for her and that this long one is NOT the bug you have at your house. It's been pretty rough with two. I can't imagine having it with four kids.


  2. I'm so glad to know mine isn't the only house that looks like a giant toybox!! That's my plan for the week as well. Though it will take more than a shelf and a box to fix the problem...

    Love the pictures!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Hope the gang is on the mend, prayers continue.


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