Saturday, June 6, 2009

Walk for Life

Not sure what I was thinking when I decided we would all walk this morning at 9am at the Walk for Life. That meant getting everyone up, ready, and out the door by 8:30. We made it and coffee in hand we walked for a great cause, All Babies Cherished. It was about a two mile stroll and the perfect sunshine and cool breeze made for a delightful time. My mom joined us and we saw our friends Lynn and Niki along the way.

Dream baby was there too!

Tonight we are celebrating another milestone in Brady's cancer battle...NO MORE TUBIES! He will only have 1 more bath in the sink, and by Monday night we will be able to put him in the tub!! When we ask him where his tubies went, he says,"All gone, dah-tah (doctor) took um!"


  1. Glad to hear that you all enjoyed your walk for life. I bet Brady will have lots of fun once he can go in the bath again and splash about. Praying for you all. Pam xx

  2. Collin claps and squeels everytime we pray and thank God that Brady's tubies came out! How great for other little ones to see God's hand moving in his life. Good night, sleep tight, have a wonderful time w/your church family tomorrow!!!

  3. i randomly found your blog and i am also in WNY, so i wanted to stop by and say hi! Praying for Brady!!


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