Sunday, June 7, 2009

Williamses Every Which Way

Today our family did something for the first time. We split our family up three different ways and went in all different directions. Our day:

8-10am Everybody up and get ready to go.
10:30am Grandma Kathy picks Cara up for the day. They went to church, lunch, to grandmas, and then to do some shopping.
11:45 Matt, Meg, Eli, Brady, and Allie leave the house and head to Sunset Bay. We drop Allie off with Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Ron at their cottage. Allie wasn't feeling well again today, a little fever and runny nose!
2:30 Matt, Meg, Eli, and Brady continue driving to Erie PA to go to a birthday party. Happy Birthday Carter.
6:00 Arrive back at Sunset Bay, Burger King in hand, and give the boys a quick dinner at the cottage. Matt, Meg, Eli, Brady, and Allie drive home.
8:15pm Arrive home where Cara is already asleep in bed. Get everyone else settled and ready for bed.

Brady report: My once completely reserved and clingy mamma's boy was a happy-little-partygoer! A few minutes spent warming up and he was walking all over the place even amidst quite a crowd of people. Minnie Mouse was a surprise guest at the party and when Brady saw Minnie, he bolted away from me waving, and saying, "Hi Minnie, Hi-i-i-i-i!" The new tradition of backseat bickering continued part of the way home from Erie. Today's debate, does Daddy drive a van or a car. Of course, Daddy usually drives his car, but on family outings he is the captain of the awesome van.

It sounded something like this:
Eli: "Daddy drive the blue van."
Brady: "No! Daddy drive the black car!"
Eli: "Daddy drive the VAN!"
Brady: "NO! Daddy drive the car!"
Eli: (almost crying) "Daddy drive the VAN!"
Mommy: "Who wants to watch an Elmo DVD?"

A great time was had by all! What a busy weekend. Matt and I are tyring to get the house in some order since we really slacked on household chores. All in the name of fun...bring on summer!

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  1. Wow! What would you do w/o your family? You have such a support team in them, thank God for that! Just think if you've had 100,000 hits that there are so many more who haven't seen his site but surely know an awful lot about him and are praying too!!! i can name quite a few myself!!! Imagine twice that are praying...Praise God! and praise God for technology right? God Bless, we love you Brady.


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