Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Psalm 71:14

Psalm 71:14
But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more.

This verse really sums up what goes on in my mind lately. Some days it's like a battle between the praise and the fear! I LOVE this verse because of how it handles both of these feelings for me and reminds me that God has taken care of it all! I hope and pray every day for better days for Brady...continued progress physically, no recurrence of cancer, and as few physical effects from his spine surgery later in life as possible.

And my praises!!!
1. Brady is HERE!
2. Brady can move his limbs!
3. He is home!
4. He can walk!
5. He is done with treatment!
6. He is a bright, intelligent, boy!
7. In 5 months his little light has shown so brightly in the lives of so many!

And I have 3 other kids I could write my hope/praise list for! I am working on trying to think of life this way...instead of what I'm pessimistic and optimistic about, what am I hoping for and what can I praise God for. Neat stuff....

Brady report: Brady had a great time at PT today. We got to go to the gym at the Al Sigl center and there were many fun things for Brady to explore. He is working on endurance, walking up inclines, balance/stability, and strength. In just a few weeks the therapist thinks he has made huge strides. We already had to rewrite his goals because he met them already!

We took Allie with us to PT today because she was up most of the night very fussy. We had an appointment with the doctor on our way home. Her ears were clear, so the doctor thought it may be a new cold coming on along with teething. Yuck...

I got an email from Sloan today. They are expecting the final results from the NMYC test back on Friday or Monday. There was a mix up somehow, so they were resubmitted. The last piece of the puzzle before we can breathe a little easier for a few months. Matt and I have decided for sure to do our scans at Sloan. Now we have to decide if we will wait 6 months, or if we go with the initial recommendation of 3 months. We still aren't sure what made the doctors change their recommendation, or if it is just two different opinions. We have a little while to think about it...

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