Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silly Kids

I love days like today. Both Matt and I were home all day...we all went to church this morning. I just love being there with my brood. As difficult as it is to get there and to keep everyone somewhat quiet and happy throughout, I love to be there together. We rushed home after church to squeeze in a quick lunch before naps. PB & J is becoming our Sunday lunch tradition!! The kids all took a 3 hour nap...ahhh! Matt took one too and I even dozed offf for a while!

No PT this week. Allie has a follow up for her ear infection on Wednesday. She is doing SO much better! I can't say enough about the miracle Maalox/Desitin diaper cream.

A few pictures to make you smile as you say goodbye to the weekend. I asked the kids to show me their favorite "friend" that they sleep with:

Cara and her BabyBear

Eli and Snuffy (lovin those fake smiles!)

Brady and Elmo!


  1. What great pictures! I want to see them on the bulletin board at their grad parties. :-)

  2. Cute kiddos!! I love Sundays!! Have a great week!


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