Sunday, June 21, 2009

Church, Tractors, and Laundry!

Church this morning, then off to Touch a Tractor at the Genesee County Airport. The kids got to see airplanes (really tiny ones!), all sorts of tractors, a fire engine, and a helicopter! Eli especially was amazed by everything he saw. Here are some pictures of our day:
Brady watching the helicopter take off!

Eli is in awe! Notice Brady's spikes?

We came home to LOTS of laundry, cranky kids, and a baby who felt terrible! Oh well, it was worth the fun! Allie continues to have terrible diarrhea and now an awful diaper rash. We stopped the antibiotic on Friday night and called the doctor Saturday morning. They told us to take a 24 break from the antibiotic, do the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast), and then do one more day of antibiotic. Well, the diarrhea hasn't stopped, so we just can't give that medicine to her again. She is in pain, not eating well, and really sleepy. This week will start off with a call to the doctor, go figure!
Happy summer everyone!


  1. i love the pictures! the little carrier wagon thingy is awesome!

  2. Looks like you guys had fun!

    I love the Father's Day present and cute!! Your husband is a total gem....he sleep trained the that deserves a medal!!

    Hope Allie is feeling better!!

  3. aww..poor baby....i hope she feels better soon :)

  4. Hope things are better for Allie today!


  5. Awe, he's looking like collin w/ the spike lol! trains, planes and automobiles oh my:) Glad to see you guys are always trying to get out and do something, for so long you guys were so cooped up w/ BAD news!! It does wonders for the psyche!!!!

    We are off to our Bliss Mystery Weekend w/30 teens. We'll be dressed in costumes and the kids will unravel the mystery saturday night by lanterns and flashlights and maps and meet mysterious characters through the woods along their journey that will test their decision making on all the journals and lessons they've taken in. If they've paid special attention to our characters they might have picked up some clues along the way to help them. six months of planning over and done w/in a few short days:( So i might not get much of a chance to be on the blog but it doesn't mean i don't love you:) till later...

  6. Do you think Allie might have Rotovirus? All our kids have had it before they were two...diarrhea for over a week, listless, not eating, some throwing up. Most kids get it, but it affects some WAY worse than others. One of our kids had 17 dirty, leaky diapers in one day with it...I thought I was going to lose my mind with all the laundry. Antibiotics don't work--actually some make diarrhea worse.

    Hope she feels better really soon!


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