Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun (and a little bit of his own agenda) at PT

I thought I'd share some pictures of Brady at PT. He works really well with PT Linda, but I guess like any two year old, chooses to do what HE wants. He will have a two week break from PT and I know he is going to miss it!

Brady is standing on a mat that is a little bit squishy to help him work on balance.

He trusts Linda a lot and allows her to touch and help him.

Go Brady!

Brady does a lot of practice going up and down stairs.

Lots of fun too!

After PT Brady, Allie, and I went to the doctor to have Allie checked out. Both ears are still infected which means she needs to start a new antibiotic and be on it for 10 days. Thanks to some blog reading friends (Laura and Shelley:) I have some "hopeful" remedies for the diarrhea and diaper rash...we'll see.

We had a fun afternoon outside after naps today. If you have toddlers and don't have a water table, RUN to the store and get one! When weather permits, we take our snack out to the patio and then play until dinner time. Today the kids got a real treat for snack...doughnuts!

Cara showing off her new swimsuit!


  1. Go Brady, Go Brady! This is what we have been praying for...you're doing it Brady!!! We are so proud! Been wanting the water table thingy just ain't got that far yet. maybe next week.

    I would like to ask for prayer for a friend of my brother's. Some of you may know the family, but the daddy ran over his one and a half year old little boy named CJ. The back tire went over his torso. They have taken him off the ventilator and he's doing well, they moved him out of ICU today, however b/c they cut back on lots of pain meds, he's screaming in pain. Please pray for a miracle for CJ and his family...especially the daddy I'm sure he feels so awful
    Thank you
    Lots of love to Brady and his family, you're forever in our hearts!!!!

  2. I just LOVE the big smiles on Brady's face. He's such a shy one, it's wonderful to see him having fun in his own environment. Love the PT pics too. How cool that he's comfortable with Linda 'already'. Soooo sorry about Miss Allison. It's been a looonnnnggg haul for her (and everyone else!!)

  3. Hey Meg,

    PT looks like a blast. Great pictures all around. We don't have a water table--I'll have to keep that idea in mind. Thanks.

    Sounds like you have plenty of great advice for the rash, but if find nothing else is working, you may want to try Burt's Bees Baby Bee. Sophie has really sensitive skin and it's the only thing that really works for her, but it also works FAST. Sorry poor Allie has the ear infections still! I hope the new antibiotic work quickly.

    Jodi--I just prayed for your friends and will continue to do so.


  4. Hello Meg & Family,
    That is awesome that Brady is doing so well. I love the pictures of the kids at the table and Cara showing off her swim suit! Poor little Allie, I hope both her and you get some relief!

    With Love

  5. Megan....my mom asked me to pass this along to you.....Desitin Creamy works fantastic on diaper rash. We used it on both my girls and mom even suggested it for an elderly man she used to take care of. After the family tried it, they refused to let nurses in the hospital use anything else.
    In fact, we always give it to new moms at showers.
    Love the pictures of all the kids.

  6. Hey! Ellie used to get super duper rashes to the point in which her bottom had raw skin. I used desitin BUT..... I mixed it with corn starch to make a really thick paste. Then I smeared that right on. It was the only thing that helped. All other creams would just run right off. It seriously was the best thing i ever came across! I hope Allie feels better. By the way I love Brady's hair! Adorable See you in the morning!

  7. The kids are so beautiful and the pictures of Brady in PT are just priceless... I want to reach in my computer and give them all a big hug. Thanks for your posts on Facebook - I will be sharing more info about my trip and I could see you involved and standing there pushing for more funding for research... Ithought of you and told your story to some new "pediatric cancer friends" I met.We have lots of work to do, but for now the only thing for you to do is focus on those beautiful and precious babies, kiss them, hug them,and then kiss them again (can you tell I'm Italian??) Please let us know if there is anything we can do... I have some daughters who would love to spend time with the kids if you need a break- don't hesitate to ask.

    God Bless.


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