Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Tribute to Pizza

Dear Santinos, my local pizza joint,

I would like to take this chance to thank you Santinos for being a part of our family. It is about once a week on a day when I can't take one more crying child, one more dirty diaper, and one more tantrum that I look to you to make my day just a little easier. You see, planning dinner each night is a tricky task with 4 toddlers underfoot. What a joy it is to pick up the phone, dial those precious numbers (948-5266) and know that in 30-45 minutes dinner will be served. All I have to do is open the box, cut three pieces into tinier pieces, and throw it at my hungry brood on a paper plate. Ahhh...Santinos, you make me happy, you make me a better mom!

With love,

ps...As I sat to write tonight I didn't have much to say, but the half-eaten box of pizza sitting next to me on the counter gave me such inspiration:) Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Hi Meg -
    and all of us MOPS moms know... better moms make a better world!


  2. This may be your best post ever. I love it! I love Santino's, too. :o)


  3. The ode to it!

  4. Have a wonderful day!

  5. If only Santinos delivered to Australia!

    Love the post. I have the same relationship with my local fish and chips man. Every Friday - same time, same order and same happy Mum not having to come up with yet another meal that will sit picked over by a fussy 2 year old.

    Great to read all your marvellous words. Keep them coming!

  6. Ahh pizza the rescue food. When the day has been long and the children busy, I think every mom has opted for takeout of some kind at some time. Prayers continue, take care and have a great weekend.

  7. HAHAH...I think everyone in Oakfield loves Santinos for the same reason. Here's our the Music Boosters card for $5.00 and for every large pizza you order you get a small for FREE!!! As our kids have gotten older we have really appreciated it..and supported OA Music Boosters!!! Enjoy!! Janet

  8. How are the germy quartet today? We need warm and sunny weather to make the bugs go away.

    I like the Music Boosters card idea; I had forgotten about it.

    The prayers are still and always with you, even though we don't always mention it.


  9. LOL, I haven't eaten there in soooo long. I remember spending lots of time at Santino's. =D

  10. Hey, it's important to be thankful for the little things, too. :o)


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