Friday, June 19, 2009

Alex's Lemonade Stand Sign Up

This is where you can find information about how to help out with our Alex's Lemonade Stand.

To sign up or if you have questions, you can leave a comment after your post (type comment, choose anonymous, don't forget to put your name in the post) or email me at

There are three ways in which we need help:

1.Volunteers to work at our stand.

2. Sponsors for the products that we need to have our stand.

3. Volunteers to bake "lemon-themed" goods to sell at our stand.

You can also donate directly to our Alex's Lemonade Fund by CLICKING HERE. You can help find a cure for pediatric cancer!

STAND VOLUNTEER LIST (I will be updating this list daily)

**3 Volunteers needed in each time slot, unless indicated***
Sunday September 6th
10:00-12:00am Sue Moore and daughters (time slot filled)

12:00-2:00pm Indian Falls United Methodist Church (time slot filled)

2:00-4:00pm Danna Gominiak, Lynn & Wes Wilson (time slot filled)

4:00-6:00pm Greg & Claudia Gelder, Stefanie Clark , Nancy Hamm (time slot filled)

6:00-8:00pm Peggy Lamb,Anne Engel, and Kamilla Kabel (time slot filled)

8:00-10:00pm Bates Family (time slot filled)

Monday September 7th (Labor Day)

10:00-12:00am(During parade-4 volunteers needed) Michelle Sczudlo & family (time slot filled)

12:00-2:00pm (After parade- 4 volunteers needed) Lori Penepent & family

2:00-4:00pm Tracy Puzan + 2 (time slot filled)

4:00-6:00pm Maier Family (time slot filled)

6:00-8:00pm Baxter Family (time slot filled)

8:00-10:00pm (help take down booth) Ron and Sandy Williams (time slot filled)

Volunteer Bakers (Bake "lemon theme" goods and drop off to me Saturday Sept5th) I'm open to your ideas, we just can't do lemon meringue pie as this will be sold at the Methodist Church Tent.
***more than 1 of the same type of thing is OKAY!!***
1. Lynn Wilson (lemon bars)

2. Kay Emanuel (lemon cookies)

3. Rosalie Mangino (lemon cupcakes)

4. Danielle Riggs (lemon bars)

5. Nancy Hamm (lemon bars)

6. Michelle Sczudlo (lemon poppyseed bread)

7. Amy Bolton (lemon pound cake)

8. Laura Luft (gluten-free lemon cupcakes)

9. Ann Marie Suttell (lemon cookies)

10. Ruthie Snyder (lemon blueberry bread)

11. Amanda Morrison (lemon cookies)


SPONSOR LIST (Items below are needed to run the stand. I'm not sure on amount yet, I will be working on that soon. If you know of an organization who would like to help, please contact me

1. Water--- Culligan Water, Akron NY (thanks Grandpa!)

2. Lemonade (Country Time or similar brand) -I think we have enough:)

3. Large bags of Ice Heather Landers

4. Coolers (to borrow)-- Jodi Peters, Heather Landers

5. Big insulated dispensers (Gatorade-style) for lemonade Rosalie Mangino and Rachael Latour

6. Helium for Alex's balloons to decorate our stand--Rachael Latour

7. A large sign to go across the front of our stand (printed with the Alex's Lemonade logo)--looking for a sponsor for this, or someone who has a connection:) --Joe Capan

I will continue to update this page, so keep following the link from the main page of the blog.



  1. Hey Meg thanks for fixing the link:) My two daughters and I would love to help out at the stand on Sunday the 6th from 10am to 12noon if that works for you. Thanks Sue Moore

  2. Hey! I would love to help on the sunday from 2-4 and can donate some lemonade! Big fan of lemonade. I loved seeing you today! you look great as always.

  3. Meg & Matt,
    We can donate lemondade...just let me know where/when to bring it.
    Judy & Rick Clark

  4. Hey Meg..we would love to help and can't wait. We can fill in Monday September 7th from 2:00 to 4:00. There is 3 of us. Hope that will work for you.We would also love to back something lemony for you as well. Tracy Puzane

  5. Megan..The charming Bates family would like to work the stand Monday from 2-4 pm, if still available. Thanks!! We would fill that slot!
    THanks, Janet

  6. Megan..It looks like somebody has already taken the Monday 2-4 pm we can take the Sunday 8-10 pm slot..Thanks, Bates family

  7. Meg, We have coolers you can borrow....I can also bring ice---just let me know how many bags----you are always thinking dear Meg...Heather Landers

  8. Sounds like the Lemonade Stand was a huge success! Congrats to all! Sandy Willmott


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