Friday, June 19, 2009


I was out late tonight at a rock concert (really I was). At the last minute I decided to join my brother at a concert sponsored by my church. It was like serious head-banging music...I felt old and a little out of touch. There were two Christian bands (both did great!) that performed and in between I got to speak to the crowd briefly about Brady. We sold some Brady bracelets and coupon books that were left over from the Wendy's fundraiser. Any money that has been raised recently and anything we do additionally over the summer will all go towards our Alex's Lemonade Stand donation for pediatric cancer research!

Please pray for Allie as her stomach is not tolerating the antibiotic well at all. I need to call the doctor in the morning and see what they want to do. My poor baby... Brady was "throw up" free today, and despite being a little grouchy, is getting back to himself.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Brady we saw U MOMMY tonight!!! We were sooo surprised to see her flinging her hair and banging her head to the very loud music!!! LOL LOL LOL! I think you would've been so embarrassed! hee!

    Really Meg it was good to see you and of course your brother!!! I'm so disappointed to hear you showed a little video and spoke must be just after we left:(

    Hope health returns to you all, much love to you have a great weekend! ROCK ON MAMA


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