Thursday, June 18, 2009

Could it be that Brady is starting to feel better. I'm happy to report that Brady broke his 5 day throw-up record but holding everything down today! I can't say he was back to himself, quite the contrary. He was pretty grouchy all day and very picky about eating. I really hope he will start to feel better soon! We have one PT appointment next week, then a 2 week summer vacation. Allie continues to feel better everyday, although her stomach is quite sensitive to the antibiotic.

Other interesting news today. There was a bank robbery about 4 miles from our house in the "next small town over." The bank robbers somehow ended up on foot, two were apprehended, and one was running loose somewhere within 2-3 miles from my house. Of course I had no clue this was going on, after all they don't interrupt Imagination Movers or Sesame Street with such breaking news. So at nap time, I headed up to Target, while my mother in law stayed with my sleeping kids. When I saw a state trooper and about 20 police cars and media along side of the road, I got a little nervous. Twenty seconds later when my van was being searched by the state trooper while he held a shot gun, I thought maybe I should call my mom and see if she knew what was going on. Once I heard the big news, I called home, told Sandy to lock my doors, and continued to Target. This bank robber wasn't going to stop me from hiding out for an hour or so at my little oasis. The whole way home I saw state troopers at each field with shotguns and binoculars. Come to find out robber #3 was apprehended along that same road I was driving on within minutes of me driving by. All of this excitement in our little neck of the woods...By the way, I've heard the robbers apparently got their get-a-way car stuck in the mud somewhere and while "escaping" on foot they left a money trail behind them. HA!!!

Well, plans for the lemonade stand are in full swing! Here are a few more details:

Dates: September 6th (Sunday) and September 7th (Monday-Labor Day)
Location: Oakfield Labor Daze Celebration at Triangle Park
Times: Sunday 10:30-10:00pm and Monday 10:00am-9:30pm

In the weeks ahead, I'll be looking for volunteers to work 2 hour shifts. We will also be coming up with a list of products that we need and would like to find donations for. I should be receiving my planning packet from the foundation any day. So excited!!!

If you haven't already, please check out the video that I posted yesterday! There is also a link to the Alex's Lemonade Stand on the right side of the blog where you can click and read a lot more about this amazing foundation!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that Brady is better, and Allie, too. I have been waiting for your posting all day.
    Thoughts and prayers to you,

  2. Hah! I can't believe your van was searched! Funny. That whole situation was so funny to me. I can't believe anyone would rob the Elba bank. Don't they know just about every cop in Genesee County is available to spend the day tracking them down? :o) How I miss the low crime rates of the rural areas!

    Glad the kids are feeling better!! I hope they make a full recovery today. I'm sure you're all exhausted. Sick children = no fun for anyone.

    Unfortunately, the dates of the stand are the days we are out of town, but definitely let me know about the donations list. I'll send over some supplies.



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