Monday, June 22, 2009

Brady's on the Move!

Another week, another series of new explorations for Brady! Today he was walking backwards quite a bit (that's a new one!) He is trying to climb on everything and seems WAY less reluctant to take risks (like diving over mommy's legs with no worries that his head might meet the hard wood floor!) One thing that I know is frustrating him and holding him back a little is the 1/2 inch shorter he is than Eli and Cara. There are a few things that I know he realizes that he can't do that they can. They are able to make a basket in the hoop up on their tippy toes, he just can't do it. Before bed I have the kids put their sippies up on the counter, Eli and Cara can just barely reach to do it, Brady tries so hard, but just can't quite yet. Of course, for Matt and I, we see all of the many things he CAN do, and we sit in amazement. But in the mind of a little boy with two siblings his same age, I know he gets frustrated. In time Brady...

Allie continues to struggle with tummy troubles. She's not eating well, sleepier than usual, and just off. I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow on our way home from Brady's PT session. Let's just hope we can get through the drive to Rochester, PT, and the drive to the doctor without a blow out:(

Until Tuesday...


  1. What a great job Brady is doing! Poor guy, though, I can see it would be frustrating to not be just exactly where Cara and Eli are. He'll get there soon!! :o)

    I hope poor Allie gets some relief. The dear dolly must be so uncomfortable. Good luck tomorrow. Bring extra everything!!


  2. Go Brady go! He is doing amazing but I know it's hard when all three aren't doing the same things. I hope Allie is gets better soon...that is scary!

    Your friends in Texas,
    Allison and the Lezonlings


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