Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Surprise Call from Dr. L

I realized this morning that I never posted this last night! Oops!

The exciting news first! At about 5:30 tonight I answered the phone and I hear, "Mrs. Williams? This is Sloan Kettering calling, Dr. L will be speaking with you in 20-30 seconds." And sure enough, there he was. He was calling to tell me that he reviewed Brady's scans when they arrived last week, and that the tumor board reviewed his case again today. Here is a summary of their meeting:

1. There is a small amount of tumor still left in the foramina (spinal column area). Having another laminectomy (surgery) is the only option to remove it. However this is very invasive. The tumor board feels that given Brady's intermediate risk status, that it is more reasonable to leave this piece of tumor in there.

2. They estimate that somewhere between 95-99% of the tumor was removed! Hallelujah:)

3. The area where the big tumor was in his chest "looks good."

4. The tumor board recommends rescanning him in 6 months. This differs from the 3 month timetable we were originally told. Matt and I have to really think about this one. Dr. L does not want us to continue doing CT scans. He discussed with me the risks of repeat radiation due to CT scans, something we haven't considered until this point because the scans were necessary. He thinks that MRI scans of the chest should give a good look at the chest and spine area. If something shows up, then a CT can be done.

5. Dr. L kind of "encouraged" me to bring Brady to Sloan for the scans every 6 months. I think Matt and I are seriously considering it. There are many reasons to consider it. Sloan doesn't use intubation during an MRI, Strong does. The radiologists at Sloan see WAY more NB cases than Strong, so the scans will be read by people much more familiar with this disease. The flip side, of course, is that by scanning in NYC we will again be fracturing ourselves from our doctor here at Strong. I think we will continue to have that sense that no one is in charge. A lot to think about.

Tonight we celebrate this wonderful news. Tonight we look ahead to Friday's surgery. I can feel God's amazing grace pulling the storm clouds away from our family. I know this road is so long, certainly there will be times of trial ahead. But I'm so happy that God gives me days like today when it is just impossible not to shout praises to Him for all He has done!!!


We had a great time today with the reporter and photographer from the Daily News. Hopefully the story (and picture) will run Thursday. The photographer loved the Williams kids! I really think Allie stole his heart :)


  1. Meg--what great news! Of course you have to do what you and Matt think is best, but have no fear, someone is in charge and that is you. Wherever you decide to have the scans done, you are the best person to be in charge. He's your son, and you have fought hard for him. God is with you. Keep taking charge.


  2. praise god for great news! i am soooo thrilled!

  3. That's wonderful news! What a strong little boy you have!

  4. Megan,
    Just read the Daily article online....we are al so proud of you. I pray that your story will touch someone that is in need of inspiration. Unfortunately, I am not able to attend, but all eveing I will think of you and also of my Dad.

  5. Praise God. I wanted to share with you that every night at dinner Max and Connor (and us) pray for Brady. Great News!! Nicole

  6. Oh Brady...sniffle...this makes me so happy! Meg, give that sweet boy a big hug from me, will you???

  7. It is amazing to me how little Brady continues to touch the heart of this stranger and her family! I read your posts and I can feel God's prescence, I get goose bumps, I cry, I laugh, I praise our Almighty Father!

    Oh Meg, if I could I would reach through the computer and hug you! This is truly good news and I am SO happy that you are given days of sunshine during this storm!!

    I am positive that through prayer and deep consideration that you and Matt WILL make the best choices for Brady on his continued treatment. Follow your gutt and don't let doubt or fear shadow the path that God is setting before you!

    Let the sun shine!!


  8. Wow this is awesome news! Y'all should be celebrating for sure! Know that we are celebrating with you down here in Texas and continuing to pray away that last bit of tumor!

    BIG HUGS to you Brady,
    Allison, Anna, Isaac, and EJ

  9. Glad things are looking up and that God lead you back to Sloan for guidance. We are praying about Friday and Brady's continued progress.


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