Friday, May 22, 2009

Doctor Visit, New Carseats, and Ice Cream!

We had our first chance to have Eli, Cara, and Brady all in the van at the same time today in their new car seats. We needed to get more narrow seats so that we could fit three across the back of the van. Previously we had two in the back and then Allie in one seat and Cara in the other, making NO room to maneuver in the van. With this new configuration we take out one of the captain's chairs and have all that space. Here is a picture of my three back-row Joes!

All three had their two year appointments today with the new pediatrician. Things didn't go quite as well as I had hoped, but I'm sure the new doctor was feeling a little overwhelmed with Brady's health history in the last few months. She checked out his Broviac and isn't sure it is infected. She did offer to call our oncologist and see what was happening as far as getting a sooner surgery date. Before we left, she came and told us that our NP at Strong is working on it and will call us Tuesday. In the meantime she gave me betadine swabs to use when cleaning his site next week. I read between the lines here and took that to mean that his surgery date probably won't be moving up. The other surprising news is that all 3 kids have actually lost weight in recent months. I have no explanation for this, but boy did it make a momma feel bad! We are taking them back in 3 months to check their weights.
Eli and Cara got shots today, but did a great job!

To add a little fun to our day, we took the kids to Abbotts for ice cream after the appointment. I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that they have never had ice cream out of a was the day! They had a great time!
I love this picture! Notice the drip on Brady's chin, Eli's missing shoe, and the look of pure love on Cara's face as she stares at her cone!


  1. A perfect day for ice cream. I hope you had a yummy one, too!

  2. looks so good!!!
    you're kids are so cute!!

  3. Sorry the appointment wasn't more encouraging. Glad you got ice cream, though!!! Adorable pictures.

  4. The Peters FamilyMay 23, 2009 at 10:14 AM

    how funny! thanks for the pics my kids are always thrilled to see the ones they pray hard for looking well and having fun. But even though things look well, we still hold you high in prayer!! love to you all!!!
    the peters family

  5. They are adorable! Love all the ice cream faces.

    Did the dr think the weight loss could be because they are walking and running around? My daughter is really thin and the dr contributed it to her running around.

    Sorry for the bad news about getting the broviac out.

  6. Sounds like you had a busy day. Our prayers remain daily, God will have control over all things. Enjoy your time together and know that you are in God's arms all the time.

  7. The weight loss is probably due to their increased activity. Baby fat disappears when walking begins! All those cute litte rolls are gone forever.
    The pictures are great. You and Matt need to have ice cream,'s good for the soul.

  8. That sounds a little suspicious...all three kids lost weight? Are you sure they didn't get a new scale? Or use a different kind than the last time? Have you noticed that they've lost weight? I know our kids seemed to get taller and not heavier at this age. Was it a lot? Clothes on or off?


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