Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the Rug Raffle Winner Is....

Us! Woo-hoo! Our wonderful friends at the Floorstore in Canandaigua
( organized a rug raffle with proceeds benefiting our family. The winning ticket was drawn tonight and the person whose name was drawn asked that the prize be given to us!!! Thank you to our "rug angel" and to Matt and Michelle for helping raise money for our family! We have been talking about getting a new area rug in our living room for a long time, but it is one of those "wants" not really a "need." After 4 kids spitting up on the poor old thing, I'm looking forward to saying "buh-bye" to it for good! What a blessing...

Not too much news to report today. I booked our plane tickets last night. We fly to NYC Tues Mar31st and fly back Thurs April 2nd. We will be home for Friday and Saturday and then fly back down on Sunday April 5th. I didn't book return flights because we just don't know when that will be.

By the way...we have a lovely purple rug that is available first come, first served, free of charge:)


  1. I just noticed you added a new 'grab' button for brady. I just added it to my blog.
    =) melanie

  2. awesome! how nice of the winners to give the rug to you.....good people :o)

  3. Blessings all around. :o) Glad you got the flights--check that action item off the list. Everything will get done and the trips will be just what they need to be. The family will miss whoever is gone but will be just fine.



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