Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brady Video

Even though Brady sometimes isn't feeling his best, he can still be a very silly boy especially at bedtime. We wanted to share some footage of Brady standing in his crib and having fun! You'll notice how easily Brady pulls himself up on his crib. He had great difficulty doing this before surgery and was sometimes unable to. He is still probably a long way from walking, but these improvements are very encouraging to us. Sorry for the poor quality - long story.



  1. Just wanted you both to know that we've been following your "journey" on a regular basis. We pray for you daily. Uncle Phil and Aunt Nancy

  2. Gosh, what a cute video! Thanks for sharing. :o) It looks like Brady's doing a great job with movement. He'll be walking before you know it! :o)


  3. I love the video and the kids! That is great about Brady pulling up!

  4. Great video!!! Here is to many more silly days ahead! God bless! Hugs, Danna

  5. It's such fun to see your munchkins bouncing around. Brady looks great!

  6. Oh he is so cute and funny! And he sounds a lot like my son Isaac...weird! Thanks for sharing that!

  7. OMG you have the sweetiest children I have ever seen, the video of Brady standing in this crib brought tears to my eyes. Look at him go, he will be walking someday. I thank God you had pressed to get that MRI done. The good news is it was caught at a treatable level and Brady has a very good chance to beat this monster.
    God is deffinitly watch over him.
    Pray everday for sweet Brady - i love his new Doo!
    God bless..Susan Halifax Nova Scotia

  8. I love the video. Thanks for posting it.

    What an amazing personality Brady has. He looks so handsome in her new hair cut.

  9. I just want you to know I read your blog everyday. I think about and pray for Brady and your whole family! I have spoke of Brady to as many people as I can and have asked them to pray for him. A prayer group at North Gate has prayed for your precious boy and your whole family!!!! You are SO strong Megan!
    Always, Laurie O.(Jackson friend)


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