Friday, March 13, 2009

An MRI for Cara

Cara's appointment with the eye specialist went well today. Remember we were bringing her there because for a year now she has tipped her head (almost 45 degrees) to her left side when looking at things in the distance. I brought several pictures to show the doctor of her doing this and he was quite surprised at the severity of the tilt. He did an eye exam and noted that her right eye is moving in an upward and out pattern. This is consistent with 4th nerve palsy (what I had googled and suspected it was). The problem is that last time he noted this happening with the other eye, so he hasn't established a clear pattern. He wanted to wait three more months. He knew by my facial expression that I was upset by that suggestion. I calmly and politely explained our life in the last two months and told him why I was no longer comfortable with a "wait and see" approach when it came to diagnosing problems. He was VERY kind and understanding and he instantly told me that he would order an MRI to rule out something more serious. I asked him "what is the worst thing it could be?" and he told me "a brain tumor, but don't worry, it isn't." He said that the MRI will most likely show nothing but it will give me peace of mind. At that point we will watch it for three more months and see if the right eye continues to show that upward, outward movement. Once a pattern is established and if the head tilt continues, he will be confident that it is 4th nerve palsy, and then a surgery will be necessary to correct. This I can handle... So we called our favorite MRI nurses Sharon and Nancy at Strong and told them that we will probably only be in town next week and if they could squeeze us in that would be great. They got a cancellation, so Cara will have her MRI on Tuesday. Just like both of Brady's MRIs, she will be under general anesthesia (yuck). Unfortunately the appt is the same day as Allie's 4 month appt. Allie really needs to get her 4 month shots, and we can't reschedule due to Brady's surgery coming up...SO, Matt will take Allie and I will take Cara or vice versa. By the way, Cara was darling throughout the appointment...she was flirting with an older man in the hallway saying "Hi guy! Cara, pretty!" What a nut...

The only word from the insurance company was that we will only be able to get approval one step at a time for now. That means we have our first appt at Sloan approved, from there, the doctor at Sloan will have to document medical necessity for the surgery (uh, it's a tumor??!!??) and then we will submit it "urgently" while in NYC. Sounds like more of a headache, but this is the way the world on insurance works.

Matt is trying to upload a video right now of Brady doing some walking while holding onto grandma today. He is so much more coordinated and quick with his movements. It seems all that is lacking is a little strength and balance. We did cancel our PT appt for next week as we have way too much going on. It didn't seem logical to go to one appt and then have to take a break while we are in NYC. We will start up as soon as we are home again. UPDATE: CLICK BELOW TO SEE THE BRADY VIDEO!!

Something to pray about: We are going to try our best to get all 6 Williams TOGETHER in church on Sunday morning. This is so important to me as I don't know when we will be able to do this again. Be praying that God blesses our hearts and that we have a wonderful time worshiping together with our church family.



  1. Hey Meg

    I continue to pray for you and your family. Have faith that everything will work out as God will have his hand in your travels and at home.

    Love and Blessings, Kristina

  2. The video of Brady is AWESOME!!! He just looks so happy and full of joy walking across the room with Grandma!! Beautiful!!!
    I am so happy you got Cara in for the MRI next week. Keep us all posted. It was so great to talk to you today! I miss you.

    Love, Jill

  3. I'm so happy that the Dr. was understanding and ordered the MRI. Now you'll have the peace of mind that you need.

    YAY Brady!! What a big boy walking..more like almost RUNNING across the floor with Grandma! What a beautiful sight to see!

    I have your whole family in my prayers. As hard as it is, try not to stress about all the small details of being in NY. They will all work out. God will make sure of it. As you know, HE's been with you throughout this journey and HE isn't going anywhere!! :hug:

  4. Hey Meg,

    Thanks for the update. I was thinking of you and Cara today. I'm glad the appointment went well and you have an MRI scheduled.


  5. that is the most precious video ever!!!!

  6. I feel so sad that I can not retreive the videos that you attach. I have SLOW dial up.

    My prayers of support continue for you and your family, as now you need to look after Cara's needs.

    As your Prayer Warrior, you and your family are never out of my thoughts and prayers.

    Blessings to all,
    Deb R.

  7. That is the most precious video!! I am glad you told the dr that you were not comfortable with waiting.

  8. WOW i love that video of Brady walking what a brave boy!!!Love,Emma

  9. Meg, It is amazing and wonderful to see such improvement with Brady. He is walking!!! Praise God for His goodness and YEAH to you for not doing the wait and see are an inspiration for all parents to be the best advocate you can for your children. May God bless your home for Sunday and may you all make it to church as a family. "Our God is Might to save, he is mighty to save...." I could sing it for you and you know I would!
    Love, Heather and the rest of the family

  10. Hey Meg,

    I wasn't able to view the video last night, but I just watched it now with my kids about 10 times!!! How wonderful Brady is doing! Every time the video ended, Sophie said, "'Gain, Mom, let's do 'gain." Jack says, "You're doing so good, Brady!" And he really is, isn't he? You must be so happy and proud and thankful. What a blessing for all of us to see! :o)


  11. good luck with everything.
    continued prayers.

  12. Hello
    That is amazing! Brady is doing awesome and kicking butt! Way to go! I will continue to to pray for you all.

  13. Hi mom let me see the video of are adorable. I ask my preschool to pray for you every day and we have your picture on our prayer wall.

    I know that Jesus will take care of you and your brother and sisters. He loves the little children you know.

    Emily - i am 4


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