Monday, March 2, 2009

Brady needs a Transfusion

Brady had blood drawn today (like every Monday and Thursday). I called for results at about 4:30pm and everything looked okay except for his hematocrit (red blood cells) which is 23. That means he will need a blood transfusion. The NP is going to set it up for Wednesday in the outpatient clinic. It will involve some initial bloodwork, the transfusion, and then some additional test afterwards. I guess the process is 3-4 hours (sounds like fun with an almost-two-year-old!) We will be back in Rochester the next morning (Thursday) for his CT and MRI under general anesthesia. We haven't heard from the oncologist as to whether or not she has heard back from Sloan Kettering. I'm thinking next week might involve us just being home, then possibly NYC the week after? We'll see...

I can't say how difficult it is to live day by day like this. The funny thing is, we all live like this, we just don't know it! I'm a HUGE planner...I have a calendar that sits on the counter at all times, I live by it! Through this experience I have had to adjust to living just one day at a time. I don't know if I'll be home tomorrow, or in the hospital. I don't know if I'll be home next week, or in New York City. It is unnerving I guess...certainly a change of thinking for me. Aren't I glad I have my one hope and trust in God that is the same no matter what the day holds!


  1. Meg,
    It is funny how God always has us working on the things that are the most difficult for us. I am also a planner and need to remind myself to take 'one day at a time' or worrying about what is to come; so I need to 'cross that bridge' when I get there.
    I think these qualities are why we became teachers !!! LOL!
    Keep planning but be flexible. Now that is being talented!
    Love and Peace of heart and spirit,
    Deb R.

  2. Hey Meg,

    I'll say a prayer for Brady that the transfusion is a smooth and easy process. Taking things as they come is hard for anyone but especially someone used to planning. The situation you're in is sort of the extreme end of it, and you still seem to be handling it really well. Keep your head up--you're doing a phenomenal job!! :o)


  3. Megan,
    I have a portable DVD player that you can take with you on Wednesday. It might make your little guy a happier camper. It runs on batteries or you can plug it in.
    Let me know,

  4. Hey Meg-
    I heard Kutless's song Strong Tower on the radio today and thought of you. The lyrics are below. Praying for you all always.

    Love- Hillary

    When I wonder through the desert
    And I’m longing for my home
    All my dreams have gone astray.
    When I’m stranded in the valley
    And I’m tired and all alone
    It seems like I’ve lost my way

    I go running to your mountain.
    Where your mercy sets me free

    You are my strong tower
    Shelter over me, beautiful and mighty, everlasting king
    You are my strong tower
    Fortress when I’m week
    Your name is true and holy
    And your face all I see
    Your face is all I see

    In the middle of my darkness
    In the midst of all my fear
    You’re my refuge and my hope
    When the storm of life is raging
    And the thunders all I hear
    You speak softly to my soul
    Now I’m running to your mountain
    Where your mercy sets me free.ought of you.

  5. Thanks Hillary! Where would I be without my music! Another friend reminded me today of jeremy camp's "Walk by Faith." Sometimes I swear they write those songs just for us!

  6. Brady continues to be in my prayers daily. If you continue to rely on God for strength he will not fail you.

  7. My kids got a blast out of Brady's video! We will be in constant prayer. You are never far from our thoughts. "Lean not on your own understanding, But in all things aknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight!" Much love- The Peters Family:)

  8. Can we make blood donations at our local centers in Brady's name?

    Jessica from TC

  9. Hey there Meg-
    I get your point about how we are all walking around with our planners and calendars pretending we're in control. When, in reality we had all better remember to trust God to get us through our days. I pray for your whole family daily during my official prayer time and then as often as I think of you throughout the day on top of that. God has the strength to get you all through and your trust in that is a beautiful testament to God's goodness.
    Love ya,

  10. Megan,
    My daughter, Gigi Gobbett, told me about your blog, so I have been following your story. Brady & Tighe are on the same track this week and I am praying for a miraculous outcome for both boys. We are so blessed that Tighe is too young (7 mo.) to have the fears that you have seen in Brady.
    I can't believe these 2 little boys are the charmers of the triplets!
    God knows what he is doing and you mom's are becoming stronger for it.
    Fondly, Marge

  11. i found you through melanie at whimsical creations...i am in awe of how awesome you all are and how loved brady is!!! what a sweet and darling boy!

    i would love to pray for you all...and i promise action and not just words.

    today on my blog, i am donating to neuroblastoma research for every comment i get...and i sure am hoping to get to $250...maybe that will help brady somehow too.

    may you feel the love and grace and peace of our unchanging and unfailing God! danyele


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