Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Poppa!

Tonight we celebrated Grandpa Ron's (aka Poppa) birthday at our house. Thanks Deb R. for the delicious turkey dinner (how nice to entertain but not have to cook!) The kids had a great time playing in our basement playroom. It's great to see Brady doing new things with ease and doing things he did before but with more confidence. Sliding down the play slide was always hard for him because he lacked balance to stay uright as he went down. He is still tentative, but can certainly go down and not fall back as he slides! Tonight he was marching in his crib while hanging on to the rail (and giggling of course!)

I wanted to share with you about a family we met at Strong on the day of Brady's last CT/MRI. Our favorite nurses, Nancy and Sharon, told us while we were waiting that another child was suspected of having NB at Strong (counting us that is 3 kids in a month!) She asked us if we would be willing to speak with them because their son had the next appt for an MRI...of course we would! They are a wonderful couple and their beautiful baby Trey is believed to have NB in his chest. He is about 7 months old (I think) and has the most gorgeous brown eyes:) They were right where we were the week we found out about Brady, my heart broke to think that two other parents were feeling what Matt and I felt when we learned the news. Trey is having surgery on Tuesday, we might even see them because one of us will be there with Cara that day. This surgery will begin the whole process of identifying the risk category and that is a difficult and scary time. PLEASE remember this family in your prayers. The statistics are in their favor...a diagnosis before 18 months is generally quite favorable.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a good report about our church outing:) Well, hopefully we will at least make it there and not be too disruptive!


  1. So sorry to hear of all of this w/cara now. We will be praying for her just as well. Our kids were estatic to see brady walking in his new video, they are just amazed to see answered prayer as they sit and watch, praise God!! Devon specifically asked to tell you he loves you guys and is so glad to see brady walking. that goes for the rest of the peter's gang:)

  2. Great to see the video of Brady walking with little assistance. I will surely keep this young family in my prayers along with all the other children afflicted with this terrible disease. We will remain in constant communication with the Lord regarding the needs of your whole family, enjoy your Sunday in church, I am sure you will be truly blessed. Yvonne

  3. Happy Birthday to Mr. Williams!! I'm glad you were all able to have a nice evening together and were blessed with a good dinner to share on top of it. :o)

    It's awesome that you continue to see improvements in Brady's movement abilities and motor skills. How exciting!! :o)

    I will pray for Trey and his family. You are good to always be thinking of others.

    Enjoy church! I think any "disruptions" will just make people smile. I'm sure they will feel as blessed to have your whole family among them as you will feel to be there. It is heartening to see evidence of good things happening. :o)


  4. I'm praying for Trey, please let them know about and if it turns out to be NB. Let me know if I can help. God Bless, Love, Ellen
    Sending special prayers from Killarney, Ireland.


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