Monday, March 9, 2009

Finally a Reply from Sloan!

Update: Brady's blood counts are back up, with the exception of his platelets. He doesn't need the GCSF shot anymore...horay! Still waiting for a call back from the doctor to discuss her conversation with Sloan...thinking she might call tonight.

I asked over the weekend for prayer regarding a response from Sloan. Prayers are answered! Our oncologist called this morning to tell us that she heard back from their office. The next step is to organize paperwork, scans, and insurance information. Apparently their doctors want all of Brady's info in a certain format. This process will take a few days, then all info will be sent down there. Our doctor asked what Dr. Laquaglia's surgical schedule looks like in the coming weeks. The office person thought maybe the end of March would be a possibility. So I'm setting my sights on about 3 weeks from now. Matt had asked the doctor how she thought the surgeons would access the tumor. Our doctor thought maybe it would involve collapsing Brady's lung in order to get at the mass in his chest. Then of course a neurosurgeon would need to be involved to get the remaining tumor out of his spine. This leads me to think that our trip will be at least a few weeks.
Of course worries about travel arrangements, time away from home, and organizing help with the kids comes to my mind. I have emailed a group called Corporate Angels who "donate" extra seats on corporate jets to cancer patients who need to fly to places for their treatment. They can only work on getting you seats a week or so in advance, so we have to make other arrangements with a commercial airline once we get an appointment. Then we contact them and see if there are seats available through their organization. Matt and I are thinking that we will both go down with Brady and stay until his surgery is complete. Then we will take turns flying home to be with the kids for as long as he needs to recover.

I know that with prayer these specific needs and concerns will be taken care of. We serve an awesome God, and as my new favorite praise song says, "He can move the mountains!"

I'll update later if we get any more info, we are waiting on catecholamine and blood work results!


  1. It's very exciting to see that things are moving forward. I'm glad you heard from Sloan. You must be ecstatic today!! :o)


  2. God is sooooooo good! He provides for his faithful followers.
    I am so pleased with your news. I will continue to thank God for all of his blessings for Brady and your family.
    Please continue to list specific prayers requests.
    Love and Thanksgiving for all of God's Mercies,
    Deb R.

  3. God is so good as the song goes. And being that I do so love the older hymns here is a great title It took a miracle, and guess what? God gave it. I am so happy for you and know that everything will fall into place as God has provided the place ane now he will provide the means. I thank God for all the blessings he has given and will continue to pray for continued mercies. Yvonne

  4. I am so happy to hear they have a tentative plan in place. I am sure it is putting the "unknown" worries of a plan aside and now you can sort of form a concrete plan in the next coming weeks.
    As always let me know if the Avila's can help in any way. We will continue to pray that the paperwork transfer is smooth and seemless. As always we will continue to pray for Brady's total healing.
    Love you, Jill & Family

  5. You can also look into


    if Corporate Angels doesn't work out (I sure hope they do, but I know some companies are cutting back on private jets due to economic and "green" pressures).

    Looking forward to seeing you here! Dr. LaQuaglia is amazing. He had to collapse Eli's lung to get access as well. With a few days of recovery in the PICU, Eli's lung recovered just fine! Call me if you need anything, especially if you get in the city and get stumped on something...


  6. Hi Megan & Matt---Yes! I'm so relieved you got some results...finally. I hope the Corporate Angels route works. If not, you can also check into Angel Flight. Keep taking it day by day. So glad you like the new pediatrician...sounds like a great step for the whole family.

    ((hugs)), Ellen Della Penna

  7. Hi, Megan~ I am another NB mom. My son, Nicholas, was stage 4, high risk, and he lost his battle at age 5 in 2007. Melissa Bolton was one of our prayer warriors. I just wanted to let you know that we went to MSKCC and Dr. L did Nick's relapse surgery--he is amazing--he got the entire tumor out, which our doctors at home couldn't do the first time around. If you have any questions about NY or anything else, you are welcome to e-mail me: God's peace and blessings on your journey ahead--Kelly McCord

  8. I am praying for you little man every day, I am so glad that Sloan has been involved, I know of hundrend children that have been treated there. They will be very good to Brady, their Ronald Mc house is wonderful.

    Pease out Brady boy. Kissess

  9. I don't know you but I check in everyday to see how your little guy is doing......This is great news for you...I pray for a cure for Brady.....
    Your family is in my prayers....



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