Thursday, March 5, 2009


We are here for 2 days at least. Brady's counts are low and is at high risk for infection. We will not be able to have visitors during this time at the hospital, which makes us sad:( They won't know if he has an infection or not for a few days, but are doing antibiotics as a precaution. We should be in a room by midnight. The attending doctor mentioned the possibility of 5ths Disease (sounds way worse than it is) given his "slapped face" appearance.

Thanks for holding us up in prayer...


  1. Lots of people are out here routing and praying for you! :o) If you need something brought to you from the store or something, let me know. We can get it to you, even if we have to leave it for you at a desk. Try to get some rest tonight, if you can. Sleep gives your mind strength!!! :o)


  2. Just wanted you to know I'm praying...Heaven is being bombarded! Hope to hear good news soon.

  3. Sorry to hear your discouragement! One or two of my kids have had 5th disease lately and it is nothing, just a silly rash for three to five days, although i know w/Brady i know everything is so much more complicated. Maybe all of this w/tumor not shrinking is so you do go to Sloan sooner rather than later. So let's not let our joy be stolen or our hope for a good prognosis! easier said than done i'm sure. Collin was talking in the back seat today and i stopped and listened, and he was praying for Brady all on his own, it was precious considering he's only three. Brady is loved by so many, we will pray harder and believe harder that's all. love to you all, keep your faith.


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