Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunny Days

More fun in the sun today. We spent a few hours outside today after nap time. Grandma Sandy and I took the kids out and played in the driveway and for a fun!

I just got a call from our oncologist, just to check in. She spoke with Dr. Laquaglia's office today and they have received everything they need. Just think, in the next few days they will be looking at all of the reports about my Brady. I feel like it is a part of him down there. It makes this whole next step so real. I know that phone is going to ring in the next few days and they will tell us when we need to be there. I'm struggling when I look at him, he seems so healthy and happy. I'm trying so hard to focus on this surgery as a huge will hopefully get most of this cancer out of his body. It is tough though to think about taking your innocent child away from home, knowing that he will be in pain, knowing how hard it was to watch him in the days immediately following the last surgery.

We finally decided on a plan for tomorrow. I was dragging my feet in "picking" which appointment I would go to. Matt is going to take Cara, I'm taking Allie. I HATE that I won't be there with Cara, but I know she will be in the safe comforting arms of her daddy. I think Matt knows that I need a break from the stress of all of these procedures. Keep Cara in your prayers as she can't eat anything all day, and can only drink until 10:30. Her scan isn't until 1pm. So instead I go with my precious baby for her 4 month shots:( I'm actually looking forward to the first appointment with our new pediatrician, and to see how much our butterball weighs!

We are so thankful for everyone's continued prayer and support of our family! God is reaching out to so many through Brady's life. I'm so proud to be his mom:)


  1. Isn't it so great to have the longer days and the sunshine back?! Glad you're finding a little time to enjoy it this week! :o) Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of all of you.


  2. Glad you enjoyed some nice weather.....hang in there.


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