Monday, March 30, 2009

Very busy tonight packing...but I wanted to share two uplifting messages I got today. The first is from a friend of my mom's named Vanessa:

I just wanted to pass on a note i got from a friend of mine....Megan you
may know that i graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia.
Our chancellor was the late Dr. Jerry Falwell.
> > During my time at LU, I was a classmate of Dr. Falwells youngest son -
Jonathan. When Dr. Falwell passed away, Jonathan assumed the Senior Pastor
roll at Thomas Road Baptist Church. Like his father, Jonathan is a prayer
warrior. He understands the awesome power of prayer and the need to take
our burdens and our joys to the feet of the throne.
> > All this said, I immediately sent a note and a picture of Brady to him.
He called me the minute he opened the note, and asked detailed questions
regarding Brady and your struggle. He took the picture to the congregation
of TRBC and the students at LU last Wednesday during prayer service. The
congregation of TRBC numbers over 50,000 and the on campus students at LU is
closed to 10,000. The throne room was filled with Brady that night and i
know that many will continue to pray for you and check out your blog.
> > He asked my to pass on his personal email to you and was in hopes that
you would feel free to email him any urgent and detailed pray request that
you would be willing to share. He is a father and told me his heart breaks
for Brady and his family.

The second message came from a reader of the blog:
I pray for Brady daily. I found the following on someone else's website, and thought you would appreciate it. "We also received a tentative date for Caitlin’s reversal surgery!! It was sooner than we thought it would be: February 25th. The wonderful Dr. LaQuaglia will be her surgeon. I have told some of you this story about him, but for the others out there, it is quite beautiful. It was Christmas Eve 2007 - a week since Caitlin’s diagnosis - and I couldn’t sleep. I met another insomniac mom, Carlina, in the hospital pantry in the wee hours of the morning, we exchanged stories, and she was able to tell me where the closest Catholic Church was so I could attend services. She also told me that she came to Sloan all the way from Texas with her 1-year-old child because of Dr. LaQuaglia, the chief pediatric surgeon. At the time, I had never heard of him (and obviously didn’t know how well I would get to know him when Caitlin required emergency surgery a couple of weeks later!) She told me that she often went to pray and saw Dr. LaQuaglia there early one morning with the priest after mass. She questioned the priest afterwards and he confirmed that it was indeed Dr. LaQuaglia and that he came each morning to get his hands blessed before going to work to perform surgery on the children. I caught my breath at the thought - how beautiful. As the weeks went by, Caitlin suddenly needed emergency surgery. It didn’t even dawn on me at the time that the man explaining all the risks to Mike & I was the same doctor. It wasn’t until after everything was over and we were thanking him profusely, that he raised his hands up and said ‘Hey, it’s not me’ and looked up to the heavens. Suddenly, the pieces connected and I exclaimed, ‘You’re the doctor that gets his hands blessed every morning, aren’t you?’ He just looked at me and one of the nurses said to him, ‘They’re on to you! They heard about you.’ Since then, I have heard time and time again about families who come specifically to Sloan so that Dr. LaQuaglia can be the surgeon who operates on their child. I was told of a family from Costa Rica (I think….) who didn’t speak much English, but could communicate that they were in NY for ‘God’s Surgeon’. Talk about pressure. But we can’t think of anyone else that we would want operating on Caitlin, can you?!?"

I'm holding fast tonight to God's promises and believing with my whole heart in the power of prayer...


  1. awesome.sounds like brady has a lot of great people in his corner.
    continued prayers for your family.

  2. May God continue to bless you as you travel to NY. Thanks for sharing your blog. Thoughts and prayers with you from another triplet mom.

    Joey age 10
    Brianna, Matthew, Ryan (type 1 diabetes) age 6

  3. Hi Megan!
    Please know that I've been praying for Brady and will continue to pray for him (and you & Matt & the rest of the family) as you are dealing with everything this week and next.

    The first thought that came to my mind after reading your post was "God is SO good!" How amazing that He is comforting you early this week with those stories.

    Be comforted also knowing that God is not too big to not care about your smallest need... but yet He is big enough to handle ANYTHING.

    He will be with you... and I'll be praying,

    Steph D.

  4. Meg, Those stories are truely touching. You and your blogging have brought a lot of people together to pray for your family and that amazing fighter Brady.

    You have many people and god on your side. We love you all.


  5. Megan,

    Both stories are beautiful but the story about Dr. LaQuaglia actually gave me chills! That is so powerful!

    I will continue to pray for Brady and that Dr. LaQuaglia's hands be blessed as they operate on your sweet boy!

    Thinking of you and safe travels to you!

  6. Hey Meg,

    Lots of foks in your corner--glad they're letting you know it, too. :o) Good luck tomorrow. I'll be praying for safe and easy travels.


  7. wow, i am moved to tears! what a perfect blog for the night b/f guys. i have felt all along that it was going to be okay and this just is amazing to hear, and only confirms the power of prayer and that God uses this doctor mightily. we wish you well, if ya need anything have someone call us and we will start our prayer chain. don't be afraid we know and expect that the cure is worse than the disease so they say, but even w/that being said; BUT GOD!! with God all things are possible and children bounce back so much quicker than us...he'll be just fine. We love you brady so much!!

  8. I caught my breath just reading that. Beautiful and full of blessings.

  9. God is so wonderful! It amazes me how he comes to us just when we need him the most. I know he is always with us but at the crucial times he steps up and let's us see his power.

    What a blessing these two stories are. I feel so positive about Brady's prognosis.

    Rest in the peace of Christ,
    Love, Deb R.

  10. Wow that is so awesome! I can only imagine how much all those prayers from LU have moved the hand of God! I am so glad God worked all this out so that you could meet with this special doctor. After 3 failed IVFs, we switched doctors and I remember seeing the new guy bow his head and pray right before he transferred 3 little embryos in me. And now those 3 are 15 months old today so I know prayer works and how important it is to find a doctor who shares your faith!
    Continually praying for sweet Brady,

  11. WOW what a blessing those stories were! Thank you so much for caring enough to share them with us. Sometimes we doubt that Doctors are truly believers in God, but Dr. Laquaglia sounds like a grateful man who gives God the glory for the work that he does. Fifty thousand strong praying for the Williams family needs, how awesome God is to put these people in just the right place at just the right time. We will continue to pray and seek the mighty power of God for Brady and the Williams family. Take care and keep up the blogging ministry.


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