Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday the Way it Should Be

Yes we all made it to church...yay! Several people commented that we were even early. I just loved seeing the 6 six of us sitting there together, well at least for the first 25 minutes. The kids love the praise music and have fun pointing out all of the people they know at church. Thanks to everyone who helped us get in, get out, and everyone who helped hold takes a village right?

After the kids' nap, we went for walk outside. Matt pulled the triplets in their choo choo wagon and I pushed Allie in the stroller. It felt so normal that I let my mind forget about cancer for a while. Our town has a great new walking path that is all paved. In order to get there you have to go over a small wooden bridge...we call it Brady's bridge. The kids, especially Brady, love nothing more than going over the bridge...FAST! I sat back with Allie and just soaked in the moment as I listened to their giggles and squeals. As soon as Matt crossed over, Brady would start saying "more bridge!" In my heart I just wanted to stay in that park forever.

Our goal for this week is to get an appointment at Sloan. A few parents have told us that they only got 3-4 days notice for an appointment, so we are expecting they could tell us to be there as early as Mar 24th (they only have Tues appts). Cara's MRI is Tuesday and so is Allie's 4th month appointment.


  1. What a lovely day! A great way to start out the week!! :o) Get that apointment, Meg, you can do it.


  2. I am so glad that you had such a great day!!! Yes we parents need to savor those special moments for sure! I can feel your pain, and experience your joy as you paint the picture of your Sunday afternoon walk! You could touch so many people by righting a book. I know now's not the time...down the road maybe when everyone is back on track and doing well, i can hear it and feel it that you have it in you. love to you all

  3. Just came across your blog and wante to tell you that i will be praying for little Brady.
    Sloan hospital is a wonderful place. I pray you will be able to get there soon for an appt.

  4. meagan and matt I can not express to you how much you have been i my thoughts ad prayers. Cotinue to hold a strong faith as you kow you are not in this alone. You have wonderful friends and family But I know that God is right beside all 6 of you and will guide you along the way. God Bless You all and keep your chins high. Hugs. Brenda

  5. it's so nice that you were able to spend the day together.....glad it was a nice one :o)

    ~colleen, pa

  6. So glad you were blessed with a wonderful day. Praying for you all!


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