Friday, March 6, 2009

Some more news

It's Matt reporting live from the hospital. I talked to the oncologist for quite a while earlier today. The conclusion is that even though the tumor did not shrink, there is a lot we don't know about the effects of chemo. The good news remains that all the studies on Brady's tumor are favorable. She said sometimes this type of tumor does not respond a whole lot to chemo because there is less aggressive cancer cell in the tumor. The fact that the catechomalamine levels in his urine went down indicates that there is less neuroblastoma. One really weird thing that this cancer can do in response to chemo is change from cancerous neuroblastoma cells to benign ganglioneuorma cells which are harmless. Of course all of this is speculation without another biopsy which probably wouldn't be until surgery. There is still a "finger" of neuroblastoma in the spine which isn't compressing the cord. We are still waiting to hear from Sloan Kettering. The oncologist has called and emailed them but hasn't heard back.

Brady continues to be amazing and sweet. He seems to be almost used to being in the hospital. Brady took a two hour nap this afternoon and contently played with playdoh on the mat in his room for most of the day. I was able to take him for a walk as long as he wore a mask. He cooperated without any problem (maybe it was the Micky Mouse on it). Brady absolutely loved the walk and kept me going for almost an hour. He loves to tell his daddy "fast fast" followed by his silly giggle. There is a lot of animals painted on the walls that Brady loves to talk about.

Brady's blood work today was good and bad. His overall white cell counts were up, but his neutrophil counts remained the same which puts him at high risk for infection. Hopefully we will get the urine results tomorrow.

Our sweet little boy fell asleep at his normal bedtime tonight (watching winnie the pooh) and slept right through his 8:30 vital sign check. Hopefully no one will bother him for the rest of the night, if they do I'll probably kick them out.

Thanks again to all of our prayer warriors.


  1. You're such an awesome daddy, Matt!! :o) Brady's quite a trooper--so easy going. I'm glad he's getting some rest. You should, too. You're all in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. God bless you.....and may God bless little Brady.....I will definitely pray for you all...

  3. Matt we are so sorry you guys are facing such a giant. We all feel so helpless as you watch and wait for good news.I'm so glad to hear the little reports of playing and giggles though. I remember you as a punk kid coming to play w/evan, never dreaming you'd one day face such heartache, we love you and pray w/o ceasing you know! God be w/you.

  4. I think Brady is liking the extra alone time with Mommy, maybe that is why he is so comfortable with all that is going on - that and that it is all getting less scarry for him. Poor little lamb he is so cute and he is doing his best to get better and even helping pick which tubbie to flush first. These new skills are teaching him a lot and helping his self confidence shine thru.
    You guys are doing a fantastic job of carriing for all of the children and my prayers are with you.
    God bless...Susan

  5. sweet little dude is really just being a good kiddo, huh? i am praying from here in indiana for benign cells...and for peace for you all as well. and i think i'll try pooh bear tonight to put me to sleep.


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