Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Rough Day

We were right on time for our 8:30 appt today. Of course there were major delays once we got there. Brady was scheduled for a CT, then MRI. The MRI people decided that since Brady had another scan first that they would put someone in the MRI in the meantime. Well, the CT people wouldn't start their scan until the MRI was open. SO, we didn't even start until 11:30. Brady couldn't have food or drink, so the poor kid hadn't eaten since 7:30 last night. Matt and I were livid that once again, we are left waiting just because someone messed up. Our nurses Sharon and Nancy were with us the whole time. They are SO FABULOUS! They work in the MRI department and were with us the day of his diagnosis. They really go out of their way to put a smile on your face, but at the same time get things done! When I was having a heated "discussion" with the MRI lady, Nancy and Sharon were in the background saying "Mmm Hmm, Yep, that's right" under their breath. Ha!

I went with Brady back into the CT room and was with him as he went under anesthesia. They used his Broviac and it was under within seconds of giving him the medication. By about 1pm he was back in the room with us. He was very sleepy at first and didn't want to wake up. When he finally did he was full of rage and inconsolable. I told the nurses that this was very unlike him, even the two times he has been under anesthesia weren't like that. They feel he had a reaction to Versed, a medication that he hasn't had before. Apparently this anesthesia team used this mediation to keep him sedated while being transferred from one test to another. Our nurses said that this med wasn't necessary and next time we should ask for a specific pediatric team. Who knew? Brady just thrashed and screamed all the way to the car and all the way home. He finally settled down as we got closer to the house. Poor sweetie...totally not himself.

He has settled down now and finally ate some cookies and pudding. We are hoping to hear from our oncologist tonight with some results. I'll update later either way.


  1. Hey Meg,

    Thanks for the update. Sorry it wasn't very smooth, and the poor little guy was hungry and then uncomfortable and upset later. He's such a trooper to tolerate any of it at all. Many adults wouldn't be able to. Good job hanging in there for a challenging day and continuing to advocate for your baby. I hope you and Matt have had something to eat yourselves today--take care of yourselves. Those babies need you. :o) You're a wonderful mommy.


  2. Magan and Matt,

    Stay strong and keep being Brady's advocate it will pay off! You are great parents!!! The boys and I have been praying for Brady today and for good news. God Bless You Nicole

  3. I so agree with you in your battle to make sure Brady gets top notch care. Often those in the medical field look at patients as if they aren't human, just another number to be checked in their day. You go Megan!, be the powerful advocate you are and your son will receive top notch care. Never allow just anyone to administer meds to you or your child, make sure you know what is being dispensed, why, and possible effects. Remember, you are the consumer, demand good service and you will get it. Sorry, I advocate daily, and demand that those I care for and about get the best possible care. I will continue to pray and I know God is working miracles. Yvonne

  4. WOW sounds like a rough day. I would be quite upset over the disorganization at the hospital. Jeesh...that's rough for anyone let alone a 2yr old. mmmm...cookies and pudding make everything a bit better. hugs

  5. Ugh, what a long hard day for you all. My heart goes out to poor Brady confused and upset and you and Matt having to watch him go through it. I'm so glad you are all home now and together. I hope and pray that the news tonight is good, very good! You have all been on my mind all day...prayers continuing to come your way from our house to yours! (((hugs)))

  6. poor little dude...bad old versad. i had that reaction once to it. glad he's soothing down and eating...praying.

  7. Hi Megan and Matt,

    I am sorry about the rough day! Take it as a learning experience as now you will know to ask for certain people and meds. I remember Carson after his surgery for tubes was also very agitated and could not be consolled. He cried almost the whole way home as you said Brady did. We were however warned of this as a possible side to the anesethia. Just keep advocating for that precious boy of your! We love you tons!



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