Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Manic Monday

I was quickly zapped back into the "cancer world" today. I had my list of phone calls to make, but was going to wait until naptime so that I could hear the person on the other end of the phone (ever try talking on the phone with 3 two year olds and an infant in the background?) The calls started coming in by about 10:30. To start the day I found out that we need to continue to get authorization for each appointment we have at Sloan. We already got authorized for one office visit with the surgeon, but now we needed to get it for the neurosurgeon who is going the spinal part of the surgery as well as the oncologist who will meet with us. I had to call Strong so that our oncologist could fill out the form and fax it to the insurance company, who can then send a letter of approval to Sloan. Then I got a call from my wonderful case manager (thanks for staying on top of things Priscilla!) who told me that Dr. LaQuaglia doesn't participate in my insurance...I held back the tears and just thought to myself "nothing is stopping us at this point!!!" I found out that we need to have a letter sent to the insurance company explaining why we have to seek treatment at Sloan rather than doing treatment locally. This isn't exactly true though, I'm sure there are plenty of surgeons who would do the surgery in Buffalo or Rochester. HOWEVER, we want the best. When you go to buy a computer, or a car, you research different brands, and decide which one is the "best" one you can afford and you go with that one. Obviously when it comes to allowing someone to operate on our child, we are only going to allow the best possible surgeon to do so. Through much research it became clear that Dr. LaQuaglia is the best. So I called his office to see if he could write a letter to the insurance company justifying why HE needed to do the surgery. Apparently they have dealt with this type of thing before, so we are praying that we will get approval. If not, at least we will have a week to appeal.

Other news of the day is that we secured a room at the Ronald in NYC. We have a room reserved for a month and can extend our stay if we need to (or shorten it!) I also called JetBlue and registered Brady as a "lap child" for our flights. Can you believe that he is free on the way down because he is under 2, but his birthday is April 24, so we will have to buy him a ticket home!!! Ha!

Allie's appointment is tomorrow morning at 9am at the Strong Pediatric Cardiologist. I'm praying for an "in and out" type appointment. If anything is wrong I plan on checking myself into the mental health ward:)

I've always loved the month of April. Matt and I got engaged in April and I knew we should get married in April too, so we did! 3 years later we had our precious triplets in April. Now this major surgery and life-changing trip will happen in this month. I'm praying that God continues to pour out his blessings in this month of my life.


  1. I will pray too, that April will always be a month that you remember God's blessings in! Just found your blog recently and am really excited with you that things are moving along...praying for Brady's days at Sloan to go quickly and be filled with success!

  2. He will. And I hope that your insurance clears for the doctor of your choice. Sometime they can be so anal requiring all this extra paperwork, when the CLEARLY see that you NEED it done, and that you are going on a regular basis. Gee. I hope Allie's appointment is in and out as well.


  3. Praying for your precious family...

    I recently found your blog and have added you all to my daily prayers.

  4. That a girl Meg- keep being that squeeky wheel, that's how you get things to happen. Document every person talked to, the day and hour. Keep duplicates of everything, and send things certified. April always reminds me of new beginnings b/c of spring, and easter...and now w/brady too. i hope all this ends quickly w/all the children so life could be as normal as it should be for four kids under how old 2? God Bless you keep the faith, many people are watching. Love you little man:))this is a double big grin!lol

  5. Praying that all goes well with you and that the Lord will continue to bless your family in the coming month.

  6. Hi..I just talked to a friend of mine who is an oncology nurse. She told me that there is an airport in Geneva NY, that gives free flights for families of cancer patients going to Sloan for treatments. Could that be possibly help? She said if you just call the airport, they would give you details...Janet Bates

  7. So if the doctor proves he is the one that is needed and the insurance ok's it, will/can he accept your insurance? Insurance policies are so confusing. I think they are meant to be that way to minimize insurance pay-outs, so ask a million questions and keep fighting for what you know your baby needs. You are doing a great job! :o)

    I was hoping you'd be able to get away with "lap child" for some of the flights. :o) Glad to hear you can. How exciting about the Geneva connection, too. I hope that works out for you--one less expense to worry about.

    Keep plugging away. Things are moving along and you're doing really well. How's Brady feeling this week? Any new news on Cara's eye situation? Keep us posted on Alli's oncology appointment. How's Eli???


  8. Hi Megan, I have been keeping up on Brady's progress by reading your blog. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. You are an amazing young woman with such a strong faith; truly one to be admired. God bless you and your family.

    Donna Becker


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