Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ironing out the Details

Today was another day of planning and preparation. Brady had his last visit with our home nurse (until after we get back) and she helped me plan what supplies we will need to bring with us. The medicine that we flush his tubies with has to be refrigerated and the access cap has a needle on it, so I'm thinking we need to check the supplies in our luggage.

Tonight I worked on a schedule for who will be with Eli, Cara, and Allie while we are gone. We are SO thankful for our parents, family, and friends who are helping in this area. We have also worked it out so that my mom can fly down and be with me when Matt flies home. Then his parents will come down and be with him for a few days when he goes back to NYC. I used my "teacher skills" to work out this complicated arrangement!

Please be praying for God's protection over Brady even right now. He is acting moody these days and his appetite is sometimes off. We are always worried that the cancer is spreading somewhere in his body...As much as we don't want to leave home, we just need to get to NYC and get this tumor out!


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  3. praying for brady and for you...praying for strength for all that travel and care for the fam. bless your friends and fam for helping out!

  4. don't panic about brady it could just be a fluke! he has a right to have a couple bad days here and there and to be grumpy after all he's been through. easier said and done i'm sure, but we are hoping and believing for the best. put all other thoughts out of your head! Hugs to you sweet brady...we pray for a quick and miraculous recovery and journey.

  5. Our prayers are with you more than ever---for Brady, for strength, for whatever you need when you need it.
    Congrats on your planning abilities!
    Anne and Ed

  6. I'd recommend a car seat regardless of cabbie laws. It isn't that inconvenient to bring one along and it could potentially save his life. Just my 2 cents. All the best wishes for a safe journey and successful surgery.

  7. Oh Honey, it saddens my heart to see that you've had to remove a couple of comments. Whatever they said, please just put it out of your mind! They aren't worth one single negative thought that they may cause you.

    I'm sending many many prayers for Brady's health, the trip, the people watching over Eli, Cara, and Allie, as well as all of the littles too. Remember that you all are in God's hand right now. Everything will work out. I draw inspiration and strength from your entire family. You all are so blessed to have one another. ((hugs))

    In Constant Prayer,

  8. Amazing the way you are able to plan all this and care for four under two. You are quite talented at multi-tasking. Prayers continue for you all know that you are in God's hands and all will be well.

  9. Hi! I also have triplets and have been following your story. My suggestion for the flight is to keep all medical equipment with you with a note from his Doctor that it is necessary. Lat thing you need is lost luggage, strange city, and missing items. My thoughts and prayers are with your entire family. They have to allow you to carry his stuff on board. My son is diabetic and we have to take hispump, pump supplies, cold insulin, and syringes onboard.


  10. thanks Christine...I've been thinking about this too! I'm going to give the airline a call today and see what they require. Megan

  11. Meg and Matt,
    You know you are always in my heart and in my prayers, even more now. Thank you for keeping us informed. I get frantic when I am not able to get on and read your blog.
    Your parent instinct will carry you through. You know what is best for your boy.
    Sending tons of hugs and kisses to all,
    Love, Deb R.


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