Friday, October 9, 2009

1 Week to Go

Just seven more days until Brady's scans. We found out today that Brady has the first slot of the day!!! I'm SO happy about that. However it means we have to be there at 6:45am, which means leaving here by 5:45, which means I have to wake up at...ughhh! Matt has the day off so he will be with us which has become a necessity for me. I need him there to be my rock, and to keep both Brady and I calm:)
I called today to make sure that the orders had been written for his urine and bloodwork, and they have already been sent. Hooray for our new oncologist! I asked his secretary today when we could get results. She said probably by Monday, but if something was VERY wrong, Dr. Korones would call us right away. With Brady's tumor, I don't think a change in it's size would be glaringly obvious, so I think we will be waiting until at least Monday. We have an appoitnment set up for the following Thursday to discuss the results, but there is no way in the world we will wait until Thursday to call.

Allie had an off day today. She continues to be congested and just didn't want to sleep. After Matt got home from work, I went to run errands. He called me while I was out and told me that he thought Allie might have an ear infection because she was really fussy. I came home and brought her to the doctor...her ears looked fine. I think she is just sick of being sick! Our ride home included a stop on the side of the road after poor Allie threw up all over herself. This is the 3rd time she has done this, so I'm thinking she may be getting car sick. Hopefully when we can forward face her carseat next month this problem will go away.

I promise I'll get the camera out this weekend. It's been a while...

Happy Weekend to you all...

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  1. Hey! Ellie used to get sick in the car all the time. She mainly did it when she was crying and upset. She got so worked up she would vomit.Yummy!! When she is in the van is she crying for a long time before she does it? Hang in there!


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