Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween


I bring you The Williams Family Fire Department (and their trusty dalmatian too!)

Halloween 024

So it was a windy, cold, and rainy day...but we still squeezed in a lot of Halloween fun! We started with a Grandparent luncheon at our house. Then we all headed over to the town Halloween party. The winds were SO strong that our firemen couldn't even wear their hats:( We only stayed for a little while due to the weather, but the kids won first place in the costume contest for their age group!

After naps we headed over to my mom's house for pizza and to help hand out candy. The weather had actually improved a little (well, still cold, but less windy and only drizzling) so we decided to go back to our street and trick or treat a little. The kids were wonderful all day and were in awe at the wagon transformation! Even Allie seemed to have a great time!

We were worried about our cardboard contraption given the weather, but the duct tape held up pretty well! Enjoy the pictures...

The funniest  thing were Allie’s ears blowing in the wind!

Halloween 025

Halloween 027 Halloween 031

Halloween 043

   SO WINDY!!!

Halloween 048 Halloween 046

Halloween 060

Halloween 061 

Halloween 072

Halloween 086


Here is the whole crew! The Williams Fire Department, Cousin Aubrey (the Princess), Cousin Natalie (The Princess’s Pea), Friend Aiden Lightyear, and Friend Carson the Clown! Oh yes, and Cara is holding Grandma’s very old baby doll!

Halloween 085

 Halloween 080 Halloween 091

A great day with family and friends…

Halloween 104


  1. Absolutely adorable! and what a great idea with the fire truck!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!! That was a fantastic idea. Those pictures are so sweet!

  3. Absolutely adorable! Love the fire truck. I hope all had a great time. Prayers continue for you and yours.

  4. Awesome! What a great looking fire department with the cutest dalmation I have ever seen!

  5. Oh, Megan...they were so cute! The pictures are wonderful. You are a creative lady. :-)
    The prayers continue!

  6. WoW! You are so clever! I loved the pics!
    What will you do next year???

    Thanks for the pics,
    Deb R.

  7. Meg-you are genuius! Such a creative idea, and the cutest family to do it!
    Cindy L.

  8. Perfect! I think our local fire department *Williams Fire Department* would be proud!

  9. So cool! I knew it was going to be something fabulous! So creative, they look like they had the best time.

  10. Super cute! Like the FD idea!!


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