Saturday, October 24, 2009

Letchworth Day


Today was our day to celebrate family and fall at Letchworth State Park. This has been a yearly tradition my whole life and a day I look forward too all year. Enter 4 toddlers…still a day I look forward to, but the amount of work and mishaps seem to be multiplied by 10!

The first half of the day went fairly smoothly. No car sickness for Allie since she fell asleep (woo hoo!). We had a great lunch and played outside. “Auntie Robin” planned a bunch of games to celebrate our friend Aiden’s birthday. The kids had a great time searching for treasures in the leaves, playing pin the eye on the monster, playing feed the monster, and pumpkin bowling!

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Some great time playing Eli’s favorite game he calls “FUMBLE!” Basically, he just runs with the football, drops it, yells FUMBLE, then chases the ball again.

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Great times with cousins…007

Last year she was in my belly! This year she’s a 23 pound cutie!

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Even a family picture!


Things started getting a little hairy when nap time rolled around, and the kids weren’t able to nap. Oh the joys of 3 grouchy 2 year olds (and a baby!) So we packed up the kids, minus the baby prone to car sickness, and took a drive through the park. Sometime before we did this Brady stumbled and scraped his hand on a wall. He was really upset about it, but it only looked like a little scratch. He has this “thing” about Band-Aids, he really hates them. I think it is because whenever he wakes up from anesthesia, he has an IV, which gets removed, then they put a band aid on it. So, the boy doesn’t like them. I ended up putting one on anyway because I wanted to keep it clean. He carried on and on and on….So we loaded into the car, they all fell asleep, and got a quick 30-minute nap.

Unfortunately, Brady woke up as miserable as he had fallen asleep. He also was favoring his hand and acting like it really hurt. I noticed it was a little swollen and thought he would get over it. A few hours later he was still carrying on. It’s tough with Brady. He is stubborn, he has a temper, he holds a grudge, he can act really upset about nothing much at all. So we waited him out and by 7pm he was still a mess. We packed up and came home. We were trying to decide whether or not to take him to the ER for an XRAY. We ended up putting him to bed thinking maybe being overtired was contributing to things. We will see how he is in the morning.

The first half of the day gets an A+ and the second half just reminds me that it is hard to have small children, really hard!

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  1. My son hates bandaid's too. I bought gause and the first aid tape that sticks to itself. It seems to work great although it gives him more sympathy from outsiders who think his injuries are worse than they are. Cuts stay clean and ouchless though.

    Happy fall!


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