Saturday, October 17, 2009

Celebration Day!

Yes we are all still riding in the clouds today!!! Just can't stop smiling, saying thank you to God for what He has done, and thinking about how blessed we are! It's amazing how this piece of good news can undo the fear and angst we have been feeling. Now we enter the three-month sigh of relief!

We had a trip to the pumpkin patch planned for this weekend. But with temps hovering in the 40's, we decided to go to Strong Museum instead. For those of you outside the area, this is a fabulous National Museum of Play which includes many exhibits that entertain kids of all ages. Matt and I frequently talk about our trip there last year. It was just a hard day for us. It was sometime last December, Brady was 20 months old, not walking, and growing weaker by the day. We had been to the doctor and knew that Brady most likely had CP. The whole visit to the museum was a reality check for us. It was impossible not to compare Brady to the other children his age running, playing, exploring. Brady was struggling to cruise along the exhibits, barely able to hold himself up. We were struggling with carrying around our 20 pound boy, while caring for the rest of the family. I remember Matt and I were just devastated on that ride home as we came to grips with what things were going to be like.

So fast forward 10 months...think of ALL that has happened since then...and then check out these pictures of our day. Our hearts soared as we watched our kids, all 4 of them, moving around that museum without a care in the world. I struggled to keep up with Brady who was running around just like everyone else. To see him play, to see him happy, to see him healthy, is all this momma every wanted! Thank you Jesus for answering this prayer and SO many others!!! Enjoy the pictures, may they bless your heart as much as they do ours!

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  1. I'm so glad you made this post about how much has happened in less than a year. I was thinking that after reading the scan report. Going to the Strong Museum was a perfect way to celebrate the great news! :o)

  2. So glad Brady's scans were good. This trip was just another reminder of how blessed you are. God is good. I love the picture of the triplets pushing the shopping cart!

  3. YAY for blessings.

    LOVE the Strong Museum! We haven't been there in years. Love the photo of you all on the stoop. =D

  4. How cute they are!! What a year it has been! Thanks for the pictures and the review of the year. Miracles all around. :o)

  5. great glad to hear brady is doing well....that's awesome!!


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