Thursday, October 29, 2009

Almost the Weekend!

Phew! I'm telling you, my stay at home mommy days are exhausting! And today I wasn't even much of a stay at home mom! We had Brady's PT session this morning (the last one for a while), haircuts for all 4 kids at 10:45 (luckily I have a wonderful angel who comes to our house to cut the kids' hair

), lunch, naps (during which time I did more work on the Halloween wagon transformation and got my hair cut & colored), home just in time to make dinner, baths, a little play, then bed! I'm so blessed to have the help of my mom-in-law and my mom 3 days a week, not sure how I woudl fit it all in without their help.

Yes, my baby-boo got her haircut today. She was starting to look a little homely, with long straggly hair behind her ears. Now she lucks just-plain-cute again! She smiled, giggled, and babbled throughout (of course!). The big birthday is one week from tomorrow!

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  1. Gosh, Allie is cute! :o) Sophie had her first haircut last week. Jack took it upon himself to be her hairdresser. Isn't he thoughtful? ;o) Honestly, though, for a five-year-old, he did a pretty good job.


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