Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reflections from a Cancer Mom

Oh she goes again! Yes, I'm in one of my reflective, sappy, thoughtful moods.

Brady had a good appointment with the oncologist today. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this doctor. He is straightforward, honest, encouraging, and most of all...he does what he says he will! It's like, you know, what you always thought doctors should be like? We basically were just there to check in with him and to give him a chance to look at Brady. He thinks he looks great, isn't concerned too much about his size/weight, and is happy with the scan results. The blood tests came back fine, but the urine result wasn't it yet. He isn't sure if that means somehow the sample didn't get processed, or if it is pending. I'm going to check with him later in the week.

So I asked him some of my big, profound cancer mom questions. One of which being, "So when can I relax about all of this...when are we out of the woods?" A dumb question, I know, but sometimes you say these things out loud, hoping for a response that is just what you want to hear. He told me that the farther away from diagnosis we get, the better, but that kids relapse sometimes years after diagnosis. Ughh. He told me that the one year benchmark is important (January), the one year from surgery benchmark is important (April), the three year benchmark, and of course the 5 year mark are all critical. Soooo...5 years then huh? He reminded me that Brady's risk category (intermediate, non amplified) puts him in a great position to do well. Perhaps the most profound thing he said to me was, "Live every day like he is cured." Awesome words for this mom, that's for sure!

So, onward we go. I was encouraged to find out that Brady will have one more 3-month interval scan (January) and after that we move to 6 month intervals. It will be wonderful to have twice as much time to let our guard down a little:)

I find myself in awe lately of how much has happened in 10 months. Of course Brady tops that list, but I also look at how the events of his illness have affected each of our lives. My children have amazingly strong connections to their grandparents because of all the time they have gotten to spend with them. I feel much more confident as a mom now then I did before all of this happened. Certainly our faith has been tested, shaken, and wonderfully strengthened through it all.

One of the biggest blessings for me has been new friendships in my life. While I think the enormity of the situation and the constant up and down in our lives has driven some away, I'm amazed at the number of people God has brought into my life that continue to bless me every day. We have had to accept the kindness of strangers, who in time have become friends.

I guess this is just another example of a silver lining in what seemed the darkest of storm clouds.


  1. Megan-
    It broke my heart when I read that it seems as though some have been driven away by your constant ups and downs:( I remember the same thing happening to Russ and I when we started struggling with his back situation. The ones you thought you could count on the most never came around or called, yet ones you never in your wildest dreams imagined would come to you w/blessings did. But see God is good, He moves others at the sound of His voice to meet our needs, we serve a mighty God.

    So glad Brady boy is doing great...he's our hero!!!!

  2. Megan,
    Just think of 3 months...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas with your 4 little blessings..New Years!! WOW..wonderful family times and memories ahead. I just now got moved to 6 month appoitments..when I say I understand, I truly do. Sending prayers and a bunch of hip hip hoorays your way!!!

  3. May that wonderful doctor continue to be a light in the forest for you all. He sounds like a gem.
    Please tell him that your blog readers are so impressed with his caring attitude.
    Now go gear up for Halloween!...and Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  4. "Live every day like he is cured"
    Awesome words to live by from a fabulous doctor. I totally believe Tighe and Brady are cured.
    From a loving Gramma Marge

  5. Meg,
    Through this process, God is polishing you to be his shiny brillant pearl; to enlarge his family of faithful believer.
    We don't choose to go through trials but the benefits are truely amazing. We never realize until the trial how blessed we are.

    Deb R.

  6. I'm so glad to hear your new doctor is so wonderful!! :o)


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