Sunday, October 4, 2009

First Steps

So my little baby toddled today.  Yes, I know have 4 toddlers and a little bit of a broken heart. It’s so exciting to see her doing new things, but these steps are just another reminder of how fast my baby is growing up. Did you know she weighs almost as much as the boys, like within a pound or two?

Here she is showing off her walking feet…


And here showing off her beautiful blue eyes…


Okay so putting the girls in matching outfits has become a new little passion of mine…too cute! Cara was finding cheerios for Allie (yes off of the floor) and feeding her!




Cara had a rough night last night and her nose was all runny this morning.  I think she has the cold that’s going around, but it doesn’t seem too bad. Eli continues to be pretty under the weather, Allie seemed better today, and Brady just really congested in his sinuses. There’s the Williams health report.

Tomorrow is the big day of Cara’s eye surgery. Please be praying for safe travel, Cara’s comfort as she can’t eat/drink, her safety as she goes under anesthesia and for the procedure, and for her eye problem to be completely resolved through this operation.  I just can’t wait to see those beautiful brown eyes again after the surgery…


  1. We're praying for Cara just like we do for sweet brady, keep us posted, everything will work out just fine. We love you all.
    The Peters:)

  2. Thanks for posting pictures of your beautiful kids so often! I love checking in on how your family is doing and also love seeing such adorable pictures of your precious ones!


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