Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An ER Trip for Brady

First off...everything is fine! There is no way I could write a title like that and not say right way that Brady is okay.

While I was at my MOPS meeting tonight, Brady fell and bumped his head hard on the wood floor. About 45 minutes later he threw up. Matt's mom called me to tell me that he was very upset and wanted his mommy. I called Matt thinking he would be fine once Matt got home. Matt called the doctor who said that unless he threw up more than once, not to worry. Well once Matt got home, he settled down, but then threw up again. We knew we had to take him to the ER to rule out a concussion. So I left MOPS and came home to pick them up.

We went to the hospital and we were seen pretty quickly. Actually the intake nurse knew about Brady (small town people!) and was very kind. They ordered a CT scan...that is when the worry started. I knew they wouldn't sedate him and Matt and I both knew that he was going to not lay there. When we got to the scan room, they told us that they would be strapping him down and that we would have to leave. The tech told us that kids "do better" without their parents present and that parents are rarely helpful. Uhhh, okay. So, Matt stayed by Brady's side the whole time!

He flipped out...it was awful...I stayed in the hall...and cried...and worried...and sang "In Christ Alone" to myself. Not sure why that song popped in my head, but it did, and I was glad. The whole thing only took about 5 minutes, but poor Brady had to be completely strapped down.

This is why I love this boy: Just think about what he has been through in 10 months. He has had more scans, pokes, exams then most of us would have in 2 lifetimes. He fears doctors, he is very skeptical of people, but yet within minutes of being back safe with mommy and daddy, his sweet innocence takes over and he can be Brady again. Within 20 minutes of the scan he was eating crackers and being silly again. He is the best...

The CT scan came back normal. Matt and I were enormously relieved. As we sat and waited for the results, that seed of doubt, the cloud of fear, entered our minds. What if there is a new spot in his brain...what if? But alas, Brady is fine. Just a bump on the head and a case of missing his mommy. As soon as I saw him he told me that I needed to kiss his boo boo. Sweet boy...

And to leave you with a laugh tonight: Cara, Brady, and I were stuck in traffic today in Rochester. A firetruck came racing by and Brady heard the sirens. He said, "Oooo mommy, there's a siren. Now comes the marching band!" Ha!


  1. Oh Meg and family, I am so glad sweet Brady is fine, I was anxious just reading your post!!! He is such a sweet boy, both boys (well all 3 Matt included). Brady is amazing and you are blessed with all of your darling children!.


  2. So glad to hear that Brady only had a bump on his little head a case of missing Mommy!

  3. So glad Brady's ok! Sorry about the scan. That must have been hard on all of you. Very cute about the fire truck!! :o)


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