Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goodbye Weekend

Another weekend come and gone. It was a busy one for us with our trip to the museum and church this morning. Combined with the general craziness of keeping up with the 4 monkeys and trying to stay on top of things around the house, and we are tired!

In the next months you will read a lot of "one year ago today" commentaries from me. We are coming up on a lot of anniversaries in Brady's life. This week last year was when Brady finally qualified for PT. We didn't have a diagnosis yet, but we knew he was behind, WAY behind. After several trips to our doctor and two requests for Early Intervention evals, Brady was finally far enough behind to qualify for services. Now he is due for his annual review. That means his gross motor skills need to be evaluated to see if he is still far enough behind to qualify for PT. I'm torn on this one...PT has been SO helpful for Brady and he works so well with his wonderful PT Linda. I guess if he doesn't qualify that is a good thing too, that means he has made amazing progress and no longer needs to go. We'll see...

We should also get the results of Brady's blood and urine tests this week. Those are the two final pieces to the puzzle that will tell is he is A-Okay! An increase in his HVA-VMA might indicate Neuroblastoma cells somewhere else in his body, but this is very unlikely.

And let's hope for some sunnier days ahead this week! Wouldn't it be nice to be out in the crisp fall air, but without your winter coat on?


  1. I am totally behind on my reading, but PRAISE GOD!!! The all clear post is such a blessing...It reminds me God hears our prayers and truly answers them. I loved the pics from the museum...that place looks like tons of fun!!! Congrats!!

  2. I like these one year ago posts. Great stuff.

    It has been soooo cold lately, hasn't it? I'd like to think we'll see more fall, but I think winter may already be here. We'll see. :o) Looking forward to the holidays this year. I bet you all are , too.


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