Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Triplet Moms Night Out!

Ah what a mom won't do for a night out with the girlfriends. Sure I drove to Rochester and back this morning, why not do it again tonight to meet with my triplet moms' dinner group? We always have a great time, lots of great conversation, and just a wonderful chance to connect with moms who get my life:)

We had a great morning at PT. Brady is such a funny little guy. He is the silliest boy I have ever seen at home. However at PT and playgroup he is so reserved, barely uttering a word, although taking EVERYTHING in. He LOVES PT and he loves his PT Linda. He doesn't talk to me during our hour commute in the morning, he just sits in the back of the van staring out the window or playing with his cars. But when we finally make the turn down the street where his "school" is, he says, "PT!" And when we pull in his says, "See Linda?" And as we are walking into the building he says, "First mommy go to the potty, then we see Linda!" Then we see Linda and we get a shy smile and maybe a "yeah" in answer to her questions. I SO wish the world got to see the carefree, crazy boy that we see at home! Today Brady pedaled the tricycle on his own for the first time. Of course Linda gives him a push, but he actually kept the thing going for three revolutions of the pedals!!! He is jumping independently and is as close to running as you can get!

Cara's eye looks pretty good today. It is a little swollen and red, but doesn't seem to be bothering her. She was a somewhat out of sorts, but considering, she is doing great. She is still doing something funny with her head, but it isn't what she was doing before. Instead of tilting her head, she is kind of looking just through her right eye. This is the eye that was operated on, her "good eye". The purpose of the surgery was to clip the muscle that was strong in her "good eye" to balance out the left, weaker eye muscle. I'm constantly worried that perhaps she can't see at all out of that left eye, but when I cover her right and ask her questions about what she sees, she can clearly see things. It will be interesting to see how things change as she heals and adjusts to things.

Allie is 11 months old today. She continues to take toddle steps when we "set her up" and encourage her with a toy. She gets a HUGE smile, takes 2-3 steps, and then just lunges for us...too cute! Last night she actually pulled up and walked toward Eli without any prompting. What a big girl:)

Eli is still pretty sick and Brady seems to be getting the worst of things now. I've got it too, so now we can all focus on getting better! No plans tomorrow...just sticking inside.

Would you please keep a little boy named Pierce in your prayers? He is a little boy with Neuroblastoma whose family has made the difficult decision to bring him home on Hospice and cease treatment. This is such a heartbreaking situation...one I can't imagine...please pray for the Phillips family that they would have days of peace and love ahead.

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