Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Can Hear the Rooster Crowing Already...

So tomorrow morning we will be up before the sun and on our way to Brady's scans. I'm going to keep him in his jammies and hopefully he will fall asleep again in the car. Poor sweetie, to be dragged out of bed on a cold morning...

In all honesty, Matt and I usually have a lot of fun with him on scan days...lots of time with just him. I'm not sure how long he will be under anesthesia, last time it was over 4 hours. I know they aren't scanning as many areas tomorrow though, so hopefully we will be home by lunch time.

I have my little present to bring the nurses in the MRI department. I always bring them a little something to keep them on our side:) They were with us the day Brady was diagnosed...I remember one of them literally holding me up in the hallway. We had to wait an hour or so to meet the oncologist right after we found out it was cancer, and the nurses let us stay there and just hold Brady. Since then, he has become their little favorite I think. They even have his picture on their desks.

Please keep Brady in your prayers tomorrow...his scan is at 6:45am

1. Pray for his comfort and sense of security. This is a boy who just had a CT scan Tuesday night and had to be held down and strapped to a table. He is getting very wise to the whole process.

2. Pray that the anesthesia will go according to plan and that Brady will stay safe throughout.

3. Pray for Matt and I to feel peace of mind as we begin "the wait."

And as always...

4. Pray that God has continued to keep Brady's tumor from growing or from any new spots from forming. Of course we are always praying that God has completely eradicated the tumor from Brady's body.

Thank you for keeping Brady close to your hearts...he is SO worth it!


  1. You know I am thinking of you and your family. And Brady is VERY worth it!

  2. Constant prayers !!!


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