Monday, October 26, 2009


The Williams family was on another adventure today! This time we went to Buffalo Zoo with Grandma Sandy and our honorary Grammas, Lynn and Niki! My children all adore these ladies, so it made for a great day!

After a brief stop for gas and a "car sick cleanup" we were off:( We didn't bring the wagon again (sniffle sniffle) and the kids did a great job. It was a pretty unique situation as we were one adult per child, talk about a breeze! I generally pushed Allie in the stroller while the big kids matched up with a Gramma and checked out the animals. And yes Mom, all day I was thinking, if only my momma were here, it would be a perfect Grandma day! Our family is just so blessed to have so many amazing women in our lives...

The kids really liked the animals and I think they learned a lot! It's neat this year to hear them comment about things and to ask questions. My favorite part of the day was on our way out when the kids came across a fire hydrant. Well, it might have been their favorite exhibit! They walked around that thing, talked about it, and Cara exclaimed, "Look mommy! It wearing a hat!"

Enjoy the pictures!

Waiting for the sea lion…

zoo trip 005

Ooo! There he is!

zoo trip 008

The animals looked even more beautiful against the fall colors…

zoo trip 026

Allie’s new hat…LOVE IT!

zoo trip 039

Grandma Sandy and Brady

zoo trip 016

Gramma Niki and the gang!

zoo trip 040

zoo trip 093

Gramma Lynn and the gang…zoo trip 044

zoo trip 097

And Grandma Sandy:)

zoo trip 048

zoo trip 057

Here it is! THE fire hydrant….OOOOOooooo!!

zoo trip 073

zoo trip 079

And as we were leaving, Brady decided to pose like a little GQ man!

zoo trip 084


  1. Wow...small world! Lynn is my hubby's aunt!

  2. Fun times you've had the last few days!! A date, Letchworth, and the zoo! Awesome. You are a great mom, Meg. :o)

  3. Great picture Megan, glad you have such a great support system. Prayers continue.

  4. Question...Is Allie still rear facing in her carseat? If so, could that be making her sick? Have you tried moving her carseat to a different position in the car? I used to get carsick so easily but wouldn't if I could easily see outside the car. Poor baby :( Good luck :)


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