Friday, October 16, 2009

Home From Scans

I thought I'd post early this evening thinking you all may be waiting to hear how things went.

We were surprised to drive through some snowflakes this morning at 5:45am! We were right on time and by 7:30 Brady was under anesthesia and ready to go. Matt and I did our usual go to the cafeteria then wander around routine before heading back down at around 9:45. We were able to see him a little after 10 and as always, he was upset. It became clear after a few minutes that he wasn't just disoriented, that he didn't feel well. Our wonderful nurses tried to administer Zofran (anti-nausea) via his IV, but it was half falling out and needed to be removed. So we decided to wait him out. He threw up twice over the next hour or so, and wouldn't eat or drink a thing. Finally we decided to head for home thinking he was all done throwing up. And he was...until we were about 5 minutes from home. He threw up all over himself and his carseat, poor honey. When we got home Matt gave him a bath and I scoured our extensive medicine collection for Zofran as Brady had taken that when he was on chemotherapy. After a small dose of that and a 3 hour nap (for everyone in the family:) Brady is back to himself:)

While talking about Brady's nausea with the nurses before we left, we learned yet again that it is SO important to advocate to the anesthesiologist about what you want them to use. She told us that EVERY anesthesiologist does things VERY differently. They don't consult Brady's chart to see what worked/didn't work well last time. They basically do what they like to do, and hope for the best. This anesthesiologist used mostly "gas" to keep him under and just a little Propofol. We know from past experiences that he does the best with Propofol, and that is what I explained to the anesthesiologist beforehand. But alas, even though I'm sure they take into account our input, they do what they personally like to use. We also have decided to ask for a dose of Zofran during the scans to prevent nausea before it happens. Apparently once kids turn 2, their chance of nausea increases tremendously. So, note to self: More Propofol, less gas, Zofran beforehand. We have 4 more years to perfect this procedure:)

I have put an email into the oncologist to see if a preliminary report may be ready. I'm not sure how often he checks his email since we are heading into the weekend. Of course any update I receive I will pass on to the blog ASAP.

Your prayers were heard today as Brady, Matt, and I all did very well:) We continue to be praying for amazing results!!!

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