Monday, October 19, 2009

Party Planning and Potty Training

The week is off to a slow and relaxed start! Today we had a great afternoon with "Gramma Lynn." We made Halloween cookies and the kids loved them, well, the frosting and sprinkles at least.

I'm busy working on plans for Allie's first birthday party in just a few weeks. It is really fun spending time doing all the little details that I never had time for doing past parties. When the triplets turned 1, I was just pregnant with Allie and not feeling very well. Their second birthday was last April and we were just back from NYC. Needless to say both parties were kind of thrown together and I always felt pressed for time and energy. I'm so looking forward to celebrating this 1st birthday and be able to take a deep breath and enjoy it!

My other big project coming up is potty training. Can you hear me gasping in fear? This is the one thing I have dreaded since the kids were born. The thought of dragging three kids to and fro the potty all day makes me wonder if we should just move into the bathroom for a few weeks. Will I ever leave?

It seemed as though Cara was completely ready. We have a potty in the bathroom and she can go on command pretty much 100% of the time. She is also obsessed with the idea of wearing panties, so I bought her some. Sunday I put her on the potty, she peed, then I put the new panties on. I explained the whole thing and then set the timer for 30 minutes so I could put her back on the potty. Well, 30 minutes and three puddles later, Cara sat on the potty. She didn't tell us when she peed on the floor, so poor Matt had to have a search and seizure mission. The diaper went back on and I went back to dreading the whole thing:)

I'm sure you are all looking forward to some potty stories over the next few months!


  1. Wow! cara is ready! That is great! You dont have to do all 3 at the same time. Start with Cara 1st!! try putting her in those padded panties with the rubber pants, so it is not so messy. She wil feel the wetness and discover she really does not like it. Once she is a pro, the boys might just think it's a cool thing to do too. I wish it was nice outside so you could do it all outside, so if the pee it runs down their leg onto the grass. Much less stress! You can do it!!! I have Faith in your juggling ability!!!! BIG HUGS xoxoxox

  2. I totally recommend doing one kid at a time (this coming from someone who tried doing all 3 at once, nearly lost her mind, and then, after a break, started with the one most ready). Also from experience, put Cara in the underpants and just be ready for accidents. After a few days or so, you should notice the accidents decreasing. I put Jayden in underwear and told him that he was going to wear them until one of us broke. Luckily, it wasn't me! :) There were days when I had to put him back in a diaper because we had run out of underwear. (he was never happy about that!) Autumn was ready way earlier than the boys were, so you may find that even with Cara being successful your boys may not care. Or they may be intrigued by the rewards like mine and decide to give it a try. GOOD LUCK!!!!! Potty training triplets is almost as hard as the first year! (i've also heard from people who waited until their kids were 3ish that they were trained in less than a week. don't stress about it. if it doesn't work now, put it off until the srping when they can run naked outside) :)

    :) karen

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  4. Party Planning and Potty Training

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  5. Potty training 3 should be crazy fun. Lily potty trained herself. She picked out pretty panties and didn't look back. We just need to stay dry through the night...


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