Sunday, October 11, 2009

Three Silly Kids

It’s funny to see the kids after church on Sunday. They all hang out in some portion of their church outfits. Cara took her stockings off, so we put knee socks on to keep her warm. Brady had different pants on because he kept tripping over his overalls. Then came the sunglasses…


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So, the big week is here. It will still be over a week from now until we know anything…I wish I could just hit fast forward. It’s kind of nice the way the timing will work out after these scans. We are praying that the months of October-November-and December will be a blessed time…just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


This week brings PT on Tuesday, Cara’s follow up appointment Tuesday, playgroup Wednesday, PT on Thursday, and scans Friday…and that is just the kids’ schedule:)

If you would, please keep Brady in your prayers this week…


  1. What a group of cuties! The prayers this week are for all of you during this time of almost unbearable stress.
    Love, A.

  2. Lovin the sunglasses!!

    Thoughts and prayers are with you this week.

  3. Brady and your family are a permanent parts of our nightly prayers with the kids before bed. :)

    :) karen


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