Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun in the Leaves!

So Brady boy would still not use his hand this morning, not at all. It looked a swollen still, but not terrible. We figured we would wait it out a little more and try and encourage him to use it without really “knowing” it. So I went and got 3 kids’ rakes and we went outside for some fun this afternoon. Seeing the kids run and jump and play was amazing! They LOVED the big pile daddy made and thought their new rakes were too cool. And Brady boy…he played in the leaves, raked the leaves, and wrestled in the leaves. Hmmmm….what to make of that boy and his injury. I genuinely think he hurt it, but not to the degree that he wanted us all to believe. Anyway, enjoy some pictures of leafy fun in our yard!

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  1. Love to see children having fun in the leaves.
    It seems to be a great time of year for children. I always enjoyed and still enjoy watching the grandkids play in the leaves. Wait until there is a dog in the mix, it can be halarious. Prayers continue for you and yours.


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